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ID number ART21695
Title Hudsons over Oro Bay
Collection Art
Object type Drawing
Maker Hodgkinson, Roy (Artist)
Place made New Guinea: Papua New Guinea, Papua, Owen Stanley Range, Buna Area, Oro Bay Area
Date made 1942
Medium coloured pencil and carbon on paper
Measurement Overall: 34.3 x 40.5 cm


Depicting an incident which happened whilst the artist was sitting on the beach at Oro Bay. Two Hudson's of the Royal Australian Air Force had taken off from Dobodura, with wounded and sick for general hospital. As soon as these planes were airbourne 14 Japanese Zeros first strafed the airship and then attacked the Hudsons, one of which shot down a Zero whilst the other was hotly chased by Zeros and eventually shot down, making a perfect belly landing on the sea. All patients were brought ashore safely with the exception of two stretcher cases who had been killed by Zero bullets. The rear gunner died from a wound in the lungs received during combat.