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ID number ART22164
Title Carrying wounded over a landslide
Collection Art
Object type Drawing
Maker Dargie, William (Artist)
Place made New Guinea: Huon Peninsula, Ramu River Finisterre Ranges Area, Finisterre Ranges
Date made March - April 1944
Medium pen, ink and wash paper
Measurement overall: 33.7 cm x 24.8 cm


A line of Australian soldiers from the 57/60th Battalion are carrying wounded men on stretchers along a treacherous stretch of a path that has been ruined by a landslide. Dargie noted:
"This was one of the casualties from the ambush of the 31st March [ART23817]. Officially, there is supposed to be a good motor road from Yakopi to Bogadjim, but this leaves out of account the great landslides and the blown bridges. Around these landslides the road becomes no more than a narrow track of loose earth and stones above sheer drops of hundreds of feet. Ordinarily, these parts are not hard to negotiate, if one takes a little care, but to carry wounded over them is a much more difficult matter. This drawing shows our party working up and over one of these tracks. Someone has very sensibly picked up a couple of Jap shovels on the way back, and two men shovel frantically just ahead of the stretcher bearers to widen the path. But some care has to be taken to remove only the right stones and earth --- a bit of unskilful digging could very easily start the landslide on its way again".