ID numberART22253
Collection typeArt
TitleLei Lei village
MeasurementOverall: 39.4 x 45.7 cm
Object typePainting
MakerDargie, William
Place madeNew Guinea
Date madeJanuary 1944
Physical descriptionoil on canvas
CopyrightAWM copyright
DescriptionScene at Lei Lei Village. Dargie noted, "Situated about 27 miles NW [north west] of Port Moresby, this is a favourite spot with the troops to spend a day off. Most of the males of the village are at present away working on the ANGAU [Australian New Guinea Administration Unit] carrier line, but the remaining older men consider that they also are helping the war effort by making toy lakatois and other types of souvenirs which they sell to the visiting troops. The small children are particularly engaging: they sidle shyly up to the visitors, saying "You my friend". After trotting happily along at one's side for a while they say, "You my friend, taubada; you give me shilling". The village itself is clean, and a credit to ANGAU. The health of the natives is attended to by a native medical assistant who was trained at the Sydney University. The community is very proud of its latrine, built white man's fashion."