ID numberART22779
Collection typeArt
TitleA 'nor easter' or 'not entitled' (Lieutenant Peter Martin, Petty Officer George Howe)
MeasurementOverall: 45.6 x 31 cm (irreg) centre measurements
Object typeDrawing
MakerHodgkinson, Roy
Place madeCeylon: Colombo
Date made1945
Physical descriptioncoloured crayons on paper
CopyrightAWM copyright
DescriptionShows a situation during open muster payment on HMAS Napier. The bos'n's mate pipes "clear lower decks, hands fall in for payment abaft the tubes. A sailor is seen standing in the correct manner ready to receive his pay (he hopes) only to find by some circumstance is "not entitled" (insufficient funds for any one of a few reasons). He is entitled to call at the ships's office later to investigate. The Paying Officer is Lieutenant Peter Gordon Martin, Royal Australian Navy. He is a Watch keeper in the "Napier" and also runs the ship's office and action information centre. Petty Officer C.Howe, Royal Australian Naval Reserves, is informing Lieutenant Martin that the unfortunate matelot is a "Nor' Easter." l: unidentified seaman, centre: Petty George Rex Howe, Royal Australian Naval Reserves.