From my window at Lae

Collection ID ART23218
Collection type Art
Title From my window at Lae
Measurement Overall: 37.8 x 41 cm
Object type Drawing
Maker Friend, Donald
Date made 1945
Copyright Copyright expired - public domain

View from the artist's window of a native village in Lae, New Guinea. Donald Friend was in Lae the last week of May 1945. Of Lae he wrote in his Diary 24 May 1945; ' From the air it looked romantic, tropical, enchanted. Like Africa. From the ground it looked merely tropical. Steaming hot...everything everywhere seemed to be profusely sprouting and budding and putting forth a peculiarly poisonous rich green. The landscape was untrammeled Gauguin designed without the artistic selection of the Master's hand, lush and poisonous. Lae itself is pretty extensive- practically a city. I was deposited in a hut- a comfortless dump, with some other damp and disgruntled officers...I'm not madly infatuated with Lae. It's disturbing, everything everywhere busily, hysterically sprouting and burgeoning the rankest green.'

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