ID number ART24004
Title top image: Church between Thermopylae and Lamia-Brallos Pass road, Greece; bottom image: Indian engineers repairing bridge at the foot of Brallos Pass
Collection Art
Object type Drawing
Maker Dargie, William (Artist)
Place made Greece
Date made 1945
Medium pencil on paper
Measurement Overall: 27.8 x 40.6 cm; top image 9.8 x 18.6 cm [irreg]; bottom image: 16 x 26.5 [irreg]


top image: Pencil sketch of a church and some trees. In this area the 6th Australian Division fought rearguard against invading German forces and delaying action during the British forces withdrawal from Greece in 1941. bottom image: Pencil sketch of soldiers reconstructing a bridge, with rugged mountains in the background. This bridge was destroyed by troops of the 6th Australian Division in 1941 when fighting a rearguard action in the Brallos Pass during the British withdrawal from Greece. Repaired by the Germans, it was subsequently destroyed by them when retreating from the country.