ID numberART24021
Collection typeArt
TitleAustralian rear guard positions on hills above Kreikouki
MeasurementOverall: 27.8 cm x 39.8 cm [irreg]; Image: 23 cm x 36.8 cm [irreg]
Object typeDrawing
MakerDargie, William
Place madeGreece
Date made1945
Physical descriptionpencil on paper
CopyrightAWM copyright
DescriptionKreikouri is named as "Erithrai" in the Official War History. The covering force at Erithrai on 22nd April 1941 consisted of the 4th New Zealand Infantry Brigades, 2/3rd Australian Field Regiment of Artillery, 2/8th Australian Field Company, Royal Australian Engineers, one company of 2/1st Australian Machine Gun Battalion and an Australian Anti-Tank Battery. The force held the position, as ordered, until the night of 26th April and then withdraw to the evacuation beach.