Soap manufacturing industry: pouring into moulds, Changi
ID numberART26519
Collection typeArt
TitleSoap manufacturing industry: pouring into moulds, Changi
MeasurementOverall: 18.4 x 27.1 cm (irregular)
Object typeDrawing
MakerGriffin, Murray
Place madeSingapore: Changi
Date made1945
Physical descriptionbrush and ink and wash over pencil on paper
CopyrightAWM copyright
DescriptionNo soap was issued by the Japanese to their prisoners-of-war, so the prisoners had to make it, very often with appliances ingeniously contrived from odds and ends. The picture here shows the later stages in the production of soap in the Changi POW Camp. The actual boiling of the mixture is being done where the person is stirring, whilst on the right are two moulds, each holding five cwt of soap to cool and set.