ID numberART30300
Collection typeArt
TitleDrawing inside Fort Khiam
Measurementsheet: 31 cm x 48.6 cm; image: 21 cm x 29.2 cm
Object typeDrawing
MakerHerbert, Harold
Place madeSyria
Date made1941
Physical descriptionpencil on paper
CopyrightCopyright expired - public domain
DescriptionFort Khiam (or Al Khiam), previously part of Syria, is now within the borders of Lebanon. It has been the site of so many occupying armies from different nations that its name means tents in Arabic. Before the allies took it, the fort was occupied by the Vichy French, and written on the gate is 'Khiam / 3EME Compagnie'. The Syrian Campaign involved Australian troops, mostly from the 7th Division, fighting alongside allied troops against the Vichy French in Syria and Lebanon.