Journeys in my head: 1st state
ID numberART45085
Collection typeArt
TitleJourneys in my head: 1st state
Measurementsheet: 49.6 x 37.8 cm; image: 35 x 30.2 cm (irreg.)
Object typePrint
MakerLyons, Trevor
Place madeAustralia: Queensland, Brisbane
Date made1987
Physical descriptionetching on paper; state 1 of 22
CopyrightAWM Licensed copyright
DescriptionThis work is part of a series titled 'Journeys in my head' which reflects the horrific memories of Trevor Lyons of the Vietnam War. The artist was deeply affected by what he saw in Vietnam: the constant killing of innocent women and children, the spraying of Agent Orange and the incessant bombing and the horrors that went with that are all reflected in his work. The focus of these works on a disfigured face reflect the fact that while Trevor Lyons was serving in the Vietnam War an exploding Claymore anti personnel mine ended his life as a soldier and left him with severe facial and eye injuries for which he had to undergo major reconstructive surgery. This portrait reveals a dual approach to portraiture, of a representation of the physical damaged self, but also the emotional turmoil of the inner self, of a mind plagued by foul memories of the horrors Lyons witnessed in the Vietnam war