ID numberAWM85
Collection typeOfficial Record
TitleAustralian Army unit war diaries, Korea
Object typeOfficial Record
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DescriptionThis series comprises the War Diaries created by the units of the Australian Army during the Korean War. While on active service, Army headquarters, formations and units were required to keep unit war diaries recording their daily activities. These diaries were arranged by unit and covered the period of one month at a time.

The content of the war diaries generally consist of war diary or intelligence summary sheets located at the beginning of each diary which record the date of each entry, the unit's location, a summary of events and any remarks or references to appendices. The principal types of records usually included in appendices are Routine Orders, field returns, administrative and training instructions, operations orders and instructions, intelligence reports, patrol orders and programmes, monthly reports (medical officer's, quartermaster's, etc), messages and signals, and maps, sketches and traces.

The content of individual war diaries depends on the unit concerned and their functions and daily activities. Overall, however, the main factor controlling the contents and quality of contents of a particular diary remains the skill, dedication, and enthusiasm of the officer who was in charge of compiling it.

More information can be found in the introduction to the series.
AWM85 Class 1 - Headquarters, 28 British Commonwealth Infantry Brigade
AWM85 Class 2 - 1 Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment
AWM85 Class 3 - 2 Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment
AWM85 Class 4 - 3 Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment
AWM85 Class 5 - HQ BCFK [Headquarters British Commonwealth Forces in Korea]
AWM85 Class 6 - 1 Commonwealth Division Independent Provost Company
AWM85 Class 7 - Commonwealth Contingent Korea Provost Section
AWM85 Class 8 - 6 Australian Advanced 2 Echelon
AWM85 Class 9 - 71 and 72 Carrier Borne Air Liaison Sections
AWM85 Class 10 - War Office Records Centre and Cabinet Office