ID number B03526
Collection Photograph
Object type Black & white - Glass original quarter plate negative
Maker Australian Flying Corps (Photographer)
Place made Syria: Damascus
Date made 23 October 1918


Aerial photograph of the city of Damascus, taken from the north-east. (AINN 3511a). One of the roles of 1 Squadron, as part of 40th Wing, was strategic reconnaissance, out of which photographic reconnaissance developed. Deficient and inaccurate maps led to 1 Squadron flying a number of missions taking a series of overlapping images which were used to remap various localities. Five aircraft were detailed for this work, flying in line at 1000 yards apart, and escorted by three Bristol Fighter aircraft. The volume of work produced by 1 Squadron can be gauged by its output between 1 March 1918 and 30 June 1918. 78 photographic reconnaissance missions were flown producing 1894 exposed plates and 19423 prints.