Purple bandana : Able Seaman E Conway, HMAS Kanimbla

Accession Number REL31281.002
Collection type Heraldry
Title Purple bandana : Able Seaman E Conway, HMAS Kanimbla
Object types Personal Equipment
Maker Hav-a-hank

A printed cotton purple, white and black coloured bandana with a paisley design. Two corners of the bandana are tied together for wearing on the head.

History / Summary

This bandana is featured in the artwork 'Stoker Emma Conway: the engine room, HMAS Kanimbla' painted 18 February 2002 by the Official Australian War Artist Peter Churcher whilst on board HMAS Kanimbla. Able Seaman Conway was the only female who voluntarily worked as a stoker in Kanimbla. The engine room is very cramped and very hot and extremely noisy. Able Seaman Conway wore the bandana over her hair while working in the engine room. HMAS Kanimbla (LPA-51) was built for the United States Navy as USS Saginaw and was launched on 7 February 1970. Kanimbla was commissioned into the Royal Australian Navy in August 1994. Kanimbla was heavily involved in Operation Slipper conducting a variety of tasks such as patrol, mine recovery, compliant boardings and non-compliant boardings in the Persian Gulf in 2001-2

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