Outdoors group portrait of the 7th Reinforcement, 43rd Battalion, which embarked from Adelaide ...

Accession Number P04025.010
Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white - Glass original half plate negative
Maker Unknown
Place made Australia: South Australia
Date made c October 1916
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

Public Domain Mark This item is in the Public Domain


Outdoors group portrait of the 7th Reinforcement, 43rd Battalion, which embarked from Adelaide aboard HMAT Borda on 23 June 1917. Second Lieutenant (2nd Lt) Arthur Leopold Norris-Smith; 2nd Lt Robert William Scott; 874 Private (Pte) Peter Farrell; 3006 Pte George Andrew Halliday; 3007 Pte Louis Morton Humphrey; 3008 Sergeant (Sgt) John Mercer; 3009 Pte Harry Hurlston Richardson; 3010 Staff Sergeant Charles Lionel Spriggins; 3011 Company Sergeant Major (Warrant Officer Class 2) Robert Crane Andres; 3012 Sgt Arthur Harold Mortimer; 3013 Pte Taiesin Griffith Jones; 3014 Pte George Osborn Penn; 3015 Pte John Tassie; 3016 Pte Henry Nankivell; 3017 Pte John Badman; 3018 Pte Arthur Wellesley Burton; 3020 Pte Sydney Roy Allen; 3021 Robert William Adams; 3022 Pte Lionel Adams; 3023 Pte Claude Leonard Burgess; 3024 Pte David Reid Brown; 3025 Pte Leo Elston Burford; 3026 Pte Joshua John Ball; 3027 Pte Sydney Bridgwater; 3028 Pte Arnold Berg; 3029 Pte Leslie Frederick Ambrose Bailey; 3030 Pte James Henry Calton; 3031 Pte George James Cole; 3033 Pte William Ivor Cleave; 3034 Pte John Eugene Curtis; 3035 Pte Patrick Crimmins; 3036 Pte Charles Lamplough Creed; 3037 Pte Charles George Compton; 3038 Pte George Edwin Charles Samuel Jubilee Curtis; 3039 Pte William Henry Crase; 3040 Pte Thomas Henry Spencer Carthew; 3041 Pte William Arthur Conlin; 3042 Pte Patrick Carey; 3043 Pte James Thomas Cavanagh; 3044 Pte Harold Gordon Colebatch; 3045 Pte John Crook; 3046 Pte Alfred John Charles; 3047 Pte Alfred Keith Chambers; 3048 Pte William Alfred Victor Cowan; 3049 Pte Maurice Rueban Sanders; 3050 Pte John Haydon Davies; 3051 Pte Barney Davis; 3052 Pte Francis Lawrence Donnelly; 3053 Pte Charles Wagner Drechsler; 3054 Pte Garfield James Day; 3055 Pte William James Deer; 3056 Pte John Duval Edwards; 3057 Pte George Elliott; 3058 Pte Minter Curwood Farmer; 3059 Pte Henry Fountain; 3060 Pte Raymond Clarence Grivell; 3062 Pte Walter Harold Leslie Norman; 3063 Pte Percy Samuel Hooper; 3064 Kenneth Edgar Horne; 3065 Pte Thomas Holtham; 3066 Pte Thomas Heitman; 3067 Pte James Harvey; 3069 Pte Stanley Clyde Hamilton Pearce Hooper; 3071 Pte Wesley Arthur Hann; 3072 Pte Carl Aloysius Harding; 3073 Pte Raymond Harman; 3074 Pte Frederick Ernest Harris; 7075 Pte John Hart Inglis; 3076 Pte Stanley Garfield Illman; 3077 Pte Philip Jones; 3078 Pte Herbert Clifford Kadow; 3080 Pte Herbert Edwin King; 3081 Pte Arnold Kemp; 3082 Pte Roy Sydney Loader; 3083 Pte Daniel Lucy (alias Daniel Lucey); 3084 Pte Albert Ludlow; 3085 Pte Charles Leaden; 3086 Pte David Leslie Lithgow; 3087 Pte John Aird Lawrie; 3088 Pte William Lawrie; 3089 Pte Bernard Martin Mattschoss; 3090 Pte Frank Stanley Morcom; 3091 Pte John Henderson Mollison; 3092 Pte Thomas McNaughton; 3093 Pte John Kenneth McVicar; 3094 Pte Robert Morrison; 3095 Pte George Milne; 3096 Pte William Alexander Mitchell; 3097 Pte William Ernest Pyne Marles; 3098 Pte George Francis Mitchell; 3099 Pte Claude Hamilton Millard; 3100 Pte Mayleston Washington Bertie Mudie; 3101 Pte Heywood Seymour Moss; 3102 Pte Rob Roy Melvelle; 3103 Pte Nicholas Charles Nichol; 3104 Pte James Nelson; 3015 Pte Westley Albert Edgar Nankivell; 3106 Pte Frederick James Ockenden; 3107 Pte Michael Prap; 3108 Pte George Richardson Pyle; 3109 Pte Frederick James Perry; 3110 Pte Arthur George Phillips; 3111 Pte Richard James Pengelley; 3112 Pte Lloyd Shepherd Prouse; 3113 Pte Alan Ernest Rankin; 3114 Pte Laurence Oswald Rivett; 3115 Pte Selby Richardson; 3116 Pte James John Rolls; 3117 Pte Benjamin William Rowland; 3118 Pte Frederick William Richards; 3119 Pte Alfred Irving Rowntree; 3120 Pte Edwin George Symes; 3121 Pte James Arthur Seaton; 3122 Pte Lawrence Frederick Shannon; 3123 Pte Henry James Schedlich; 3124 Pte Lionel George Sparnon; 3125 Pte John Francis Simmons; 3126 Pte Alfred George Sparrow; 3127 Pte Victor Nathaniel Sheill; 3128 Pte Albert George Tregenza; 3129 Pte Carl Arthur Thiele; 3130 Pte John Robinson Turner; 3131 Pte Frank Roy Thompson; 3132 Pte Gordon Grantham Turner; 3133 Pte Harold Haynes Thomson; 3134 Pte William Robert Thomson; 3135 Pte Walter Vokes; 3136 Pte Patrick Thomas Ward; 3137 Pte William Tom Bathurst Wildash; 3138 Pte Frank Harold Warne; 3139 Pte Charles Todd Woolaston; 3140 Pte Harry Tannahill Wilson; 3141 Pte Walter Woodhouse; 3142 Pte Charles Roy Woodcock; 3143 Pte Tennyson Penn Woolaston; 3144 Pte Charles Opalton Whomes; 3145 Pte Albert Henry Wilcott; 3146 Pte James Tapsel Warman; 3147 Pte Albert Alldritt; 3148 Pte Oswald Bainem Bosley; 3149 Pte Frank Eric Roy Cole; 3150 Pte Arthur Edward Dean; 3152 Pte Wilfred Fewkes Partridge; 3153 Pte Joseph Daniel Rooney; 3155 Pte William Park Smith; 3156 Pte Henry Scorey; 3157 Pte Bertram Francis McKean; 3158 Pte John Dowling; 3159 Pte Roy Colbert; 3160 Pte Reginald George Pople; 3161 Pte James Phillip Sheridan; 3162 Pte William Morgan. There are three men missing from this portrait who are named on the Embarkation List.