Darge Photographic Company collection of negatives

Accession Number DAX2493
Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white - Glass original whole plate negative
Maker Darge Photographic Company
Place made Australia: Victoria, Melbourne, Broadmeadows
Date made c December 1914
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

Public Domain Mark This item is in the Public Domain


Outdoor group portrait of members of the 1st Reinforcements, 4th Battalion. Identified front row, second from the left is: 1134 Lance Corporal (LCpl) Anton Herman Iversen. Also known to be in this photograph are- and note that the officers and senior NCOs were routinely posed in the centre of the front row- Captain Harold Jacobs; 1102 Private (Pte) Sydney Charles Boysen; 1103 Pte Harry Bradford; 1104 Pte Harry James Blunt; 1106 Corporal (Cpl) Claude Casson; 1107 Cpl Albert Frederick Cook; 1108 Pte William Reginald Carey; 1109 Pte Jack Clump; 1110 Pte John Douglas Walters Clague; 1111 Pte Charles Clark; 1112 Pte Henry Coffey; 1114 Pte Augustus James Chalker; 1115 Pte Robert Charles Claydon; 1116 Pte William Edward Claydon; 1117 Pte Frederick Daniels; 1118 Pte Hertle Hilton Ezzy; 1119 Pte Richard Asaph Edwards; 11201 Pte Arthur John Flintoff; 1122 Pte James Forbes; 1123 Pte Alexander Cosgrove George; 1124 Pte James Alexander Gould; 1125 Pte Kenneth Gillies; 1126 Pte William Alexander Gibson; 1127 Sergeant (Sgt) Richard Greaves; 1128 Pte Charles Neil Galbraith; 1129 Cpl Thomas Haworth; 1130 Pte Ernest Herbert Henning; 1131 Pte Thomas Halsey; 1132 Pte Patrick Hanley; 1133 Pte George Charles Hokin; 1135 Pte George Johnson; 1136 Pte Charles Henry Kerry; 1137 Pte George Long; 1138 Pte William Lampshire; 1139 Pte Carl William Leyon; 1140 Pte Victor Harold Lyne; 1141 Pte Arthur Herbert Lawton; 1143 Pte Edward Keighly Lane; 1145 Pte George Henry Lyndsell; 1146 Pte Stanley Gordon Moore; 1147 Sgt Dugald Dalroy McPherson; 1148 Pte Thomas McKinty; 1149 Colour Sergeant Alastair Cameron Maclachlan; 1150 Pte Hugh McKiernan; 1151 Sgt Henry McKeowen; 1152 Pte David McGregor; 1153 Pte Francis Alexander McInnes; 1154 Pte Donald William McInnes; 1155 Cpl Thomas Henry McEnery; 1156 Pte Jack McDougall; 1157 Pte Cornelius Francis Murphy; 1158 Pte John James McCormack; 1159 Pte Frederick George McGrath; 1160 Pte Oliver Frank McCarthy; 1161 Pte Henry Mark Marks; 1162 Pte Albert Frederick Clark Mower; 1163 Pte William Arthur Montgomery; 1164 Sgt John Beattie Nelson; 1165 Pte Charles Arthur Morris; 1166 Pte James Richard Nunn; 1167 Pte Phillip Owen; 1168 Pte James O’Connor; 1169 LCpl James Alexander Preston; 1170 Pte Harry Preston; 1171 Pte George Peterson; 1172 Cpl Albert Edward Roberts; 1173 Pte Dennis Robinson; 1174 Pte Thomas Robinson; 1176 Pte John Richardson; 1177 Pte Frederick William Richards; 1178 Pte Charles Aubrey Roberts; 1179 Pte Benjamin James Shepherd; 1180 Pte Leonard Spencer; 1181 Pte William Sweet; 1182 Pte Charles William Nelson Swanson; 1183 Pte Francis Robert Smith; 1184 Pte William Oliver Sleeman; 1185 Pte Abraham Schneider; 1186 Pte Vincent Joseph Scally; 1187 Pte William Henry Stevens; 1188 Pte William Tacey; 1189 Pte John Thompson; 1190 Pte John Archibald Turner; 1191 Pte Frederick Claude Turner; 1192 Pte John Temmie; 1193 Pte Robert Donald Usher; 1194 Pte Douglas Gordon Whitely; 1194 Pte Frederick Charles Waine; 1196 LCpl George Malcolm Willmore; 1198 Pte Philip Workman; 1200 Pte Kenneth Cameron; 1201 Pte George Anderson Howes; 1202 Pte Percy Pickard; 1203 Pte John Smith; 1204 Pte Thomas James; 1205 Pte Alexander James Young; 1207 Pte Harold Montague Lawrence; 1208 Pte Walter Charles Speechly; 1209 Pte John Green; 1210 Pte Edgar William Hickling; 1211 Pte Benjamin Gladding.