Terendak Camp, Malaya souvenir tray 1961-1963 : 2 Battalion Royal Australian Regiment, 7 Platoon, C Company

Place Asia: Malaya, Malacca, Terendak
Accession Number REL35287
Collection type Heraldry
Object type Heraldry
Physical description Foil paper, Glass, Paint, Paper, Plastic, Wicker, Wood
Maker Unknown
Place made Malaya
Date made c 1963
Conflict Period 1960-1969

Souvenir tray with a wooden base, over which is a layer of paper. On top of the paper is a piece of decorated glass which is held in place by the tray's woven wicker sides. The glass has been painted on the reverse with a decorative image. In the centre, within a black shield with a gold border, is the badge of the Royal Australian Regiment, painted with gold, green, red and clear glitter paint. Above the badge is the text '7th PLATOON' in gold and below is the text ' "C" COMPANY' in pink. The area around the text has been painted, but the letters have been left as clear glass. Crumpled coloured foil paper has been placed underneath the clear areas of glass to show through. Above the shield is painted a ribbon in blue, yellow and green, with the text '1961' in gold, 'TERENDAK CAMP' in red and '1963' in gold. Again, this text has not been painted, but is backed with coloured foil. Under the shield, again using clear glass and coloured foil, is the text 'MALACCA MALAYA' in blue. There is a painted map of Malaya in various colours on the proper left and a painted palm tree on the proper right. Beneath the tree is painted the name 'RUFFIN, M'. The glass has several cracks, and a section of the map of Malaya is missing from the tray. The sides of the tray are made from woven pieces of black, white, red and green plastic covered wicker. The handles are made from the border of the tray, but are raised from the sides of the tray and are separated from them by two central rows of two red beads, with a white bead on each side of the two red rows.

History / Summary

Souvenir commemorating 2 Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment's (2 RAR) second tour of duty in Malaya, when they were based at Terendak Camp from 1961 to 1963. 2 RAR originally served in Malaya from late 1955 to October 1957 with 28 British Commonwealth Independent Infantry Brigade Group (28 COMWEL Ind Inf Bde Gp). 2 RAR rejoined 28 COMWEL Ind Inf Bde Gp at Terendak Camp near Malacca in Oct 1961 and served along the Thailand/Malaysia border. The battalion returned to Australia in August 1963.