Autographed French flag : Signalman M G Reddy, 6 Division Signals

Place Middle East: Syria
Accession Number REL33342
Collection type Heraldry
Object type Flag
Physical description Cotton, Ink
Maker Unknown
Date made c 1939-1941
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945

French flag comprised of roughly equal vertical sections of blue (hoist), white and orange (apparently faded red) fabric sewn together. The flag has been turned upside down and autographed on the white panel by members of 1 Dispatch Rider Section. Also drawn on this panel is the colour patch of 1 Australian Corps Signals and the unofficial badge of 1 Dispatch Rider Section showing a wheel with a wing and the inscription ‘1 DR Section’. There are several stains on the flag and in places the stitching has come undone and the fabric is frayed.

History / Summary

Associated with the service of NX3730 Signalman Michael George Reddy, who was born on 5 July 1919 in Enfield, NSW. Reddy enlisted in the AIF on 23 October 1939 and served with 1 Dispatch Rider Section in North Africa and the Middle East. He was discharged on 17 October 1945 with the rank of lance sergeant. This flag was captured by 1 Dispatch Rider Section from the retreating Vichy French forces in Syria in 1941. The names on the flag read: 'A Stafford NX3737, SNOWY KING VX45366, J.E. BRIDGEMAN SX3874, J.P. BURKE QX4256, KA Pussel NX3728, NED KELLY SX3332, Nick Ward SX3929, Max Colby SX3042, HUGH LAWLER V.X10671, Frank Allport SX1379, A.C. ADOLFSSON SX 3695, R Mc Hallett QX17682, (MIL) TALBOT. C.R VX-12492, BILL. RAMSAY. WX-7361., VIN FARRAR NX3704, JACK LOUGHRON VX6428, "MINNIE" MINOGUE SX4599, "SCRAPPER" V.J. O'SHEA NX32291, W.D. SWEENEY (BLUEY) NX20163, CPL. "BEAU" MULCAHY SX2033, M.W. TRUSSELL SX3536, "BUNNY" WARREN. NX17209, SH BLUNT SX2872, A URQUHART SX3148, John Pain SX4436 ("Hot Air"), GEORGE (TINY) PAMPLIN NX3726, W. H. LOFTS. NX3760, not deciphered, J A Bolstrode VX18431 (Ferret), W Schofield NX 3735, M.G. Reddy NX3730'.