Clasp Knife 2nd Pattern : Corporal Mark Wayne Arnold, 1 Armoured Light Aid Detachment

Place Asia: Vietnam
Accession Number REL33343
Collection type Technology
Object type Edged weapon or club
Physical description Copper, Nickel-plated steel, Rope, Steel
Maker Whittingslowe, William Thomas
Place made Australia: South Australia
Date made c 1945
Conflict Vietnam, 1962-1975

Servicemen's issue Clasp knife with lanyard, made by Whittingslowe of Adelaide. The body of the knife is stamped with manufacturer's details which includes description of this style of knife as an 'Opener' , patent number 15787, and a D^D stamp. The knife is equipped with a friction folding blade, marlinspike and can/bottle opener. A screw driver is attached at one end. The other end is equipped with a pivoting copper suspension loop, to which is tied a 920 mm long string lanyard. Markings - WHITTINGSLOWE; OPENER 15787; PATT APPN; ADELAIDE D^D.

History / Summary

Associated with the Vietnam service of 5716107 Corporal Mark Wayne Arnold, who served with 1 Armoured Light Aid Detachment (B Squadron) from 25 November 1969 to 23 December 1969 and in A Squadron from 24 December 1969 to 20 August 1970.

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