Damaged motorcycle: German Army

Place Europe: Belgium, Wallonie, Hainaut, Ploegsteert
Accession Number RELAWM07324
Collection type Technology
Object type Vehicle
Physical description Metal, Rubber
Maker Unknown
Place made Germany
Date made pre 1917

Remains of a damaged motorcycle. The motorcycle is missing its handlebars and engine. The pedals are missing off the cranks and the fuel tank, metal seat, mudguard and frame of the motorcycle are suffering from shell damage. The inscription 'AWM 7324' is painted on one side of the fuel tank and the number '744' is painted on the other. Both inscriptions are faded. The rubber tyres are damaged and the bike chain is detached from the sprocket.

History / Summary

This damaged German motorcycle was found by members of the 18th Battalion while serving near near Ploegsteert Wood, south of Messines, on 18 December 1917. On that day, two patrols went out from the Australian lines into no man's land around the Pont Rouge Bridge, and the motorcycle was likely found by one of these patrols, possibly the first one that took place over four hours from 4.30pm that day.

The motorcycle was donated by Lieutenant Colonel George Francis Murphy of the 18th Battalion in January 1918.