White, John Sydney (Warrant Officer, b.1924-d.2012)


Collection relating to the Second World War service of 436340 Warrant Officer John Sydney White, 31 Squadron, 7 Communications Flight, 3 Aircraft Depot, and 30 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force, Australia and the South West Pacific, 1943-1949.

Wallet 1 of 1 – Collection consists of one log book of Warrant Officer White, with entries between 4 July 1943 and 3 May 1949. The entries record details such as dates and times of flights, aircraft types and numbers, pilots, duties, purposes of flights, and additional notes. Some of these purposes include navigation training, wireless training, operational training, operational strikes targeting Japanese infrastructure in the Netherlands East Indies, patrols, ferry flights, searches for missing aircraft, transport flights, and cooperative training exercises.

History / Summary

Warrant Officer John Sydney White enlisted to the Royal Australian Air Force on 5 December 1942. He trained as a navigator and wireless operator, and went on to serve with 31 Squadron in the South West Pacific. After the war, he served with 7 Communications Unit, 3 Aircraft Depot and 30 Squadron. Warrant Officer White was discharged, at his own request, on 9 June 1949.