Group portrait of the NCOs of the 16th Battalion. Left to right, back row: 6952 Sergeant (Sgt) ...

Accession Number E01751
Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white - Glass original whole plate negative
Maker Unknown Australian Official Photographer
Place made Belgium: Flanders, West-Vlaanderen, Messines, Neuve Eglise
Date made 12 March 1918
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

Public Domain Mark This item is in the Public Domain


Group portrait of the NCOs of the 16th Battalion. Left to right, back row: 6952 Sergeant (Sgt) Thomas Alan Donald (killed in action 8 August 1918 at Mericourt); 2073 Corporal (Cpl) G. E. Smith MM; 2648 Cpl V. B. Currie MM; 2628 (2628A) Sgt William Gibson Bull (killed in action 16 August 1918 at Guillecourt); 391 Cpl W. H. Munro (O.T.B. 1 October 1918); 458 Cpl R. B. Baker; 2680 Sgt R. Bassham MM; 3553 Cpl L. Smythe; 34 Cpl G. W. Cadwallader MM; 6949 Sgt W. Marshall MM; 5657 Cpl A. E. Johnson; 5123 Cpl John Edward Jennings (killed in action 8 August 1918 at Mericourt); 3894 Sgt J. Elliott MM and Bar; 7097 Cpl Wesley John Cooke (killed in action 31 March 1918); 3388 Cpl H. O'D. Kelly; 3415 Sgt A. T. H. Bloom MM; 167 Cpl R. Wheeler (wounded); 2827 Cpl Arthur William Roeszler (killed in action 8 August 1918); 2202 Sgt W. Dinnie MM; 3389 Cpl H. R. Bliss; 743 Cpl C. McQuade MM; 787 Cpl J. Loughlan; 1977 Sgt J. Butler MM; 750 Cpl W. Barker MM; 4773 Cpl L. J. Carey. Third row: 1183 Cpl P. Jenkins MM; 2781 Cpl R. Bennett MM; 5825 Cpl Edward George Sergeant (killed in action 5 March 1918 at Heburterne); 6072 Cpl G. E. Payne MM and Bar; 650 Cpl George Ball MM (killed in action near Hamelet 4 July 1918); 5791 Sgt P. G. Trotter; 1948 Sgt A. T. King; 3508 Sgt D. Lester; 5394 Company Quartermaster Sergeant (CQMS) J. P. R. Manners MM; 1006 Sgt A. H. Beck; 2310 Sgt H. L. Thompson DCM; 664 Sgt C. L. Russell; 6946 C. W. Bradshaw MM; 225 Sgt D. Elliott; 1133 Sgt G. Brackenbridge MM; 1112 Sgt G. Yeates DCM; 2913 Sgt W. Murray DCM MM; 209 Sgt A. Mackie MM; 1465 Sgt V. Drew; 5973 Cpl S. Woodbrook; 3050 Cpl E. G. Hobbs; 1353 Cpl E. J. Millar MM; 618 Cpl Walter Westley Tilbrook MM (killed in action at Heburterne 1 April 1918); 4609 Cpl F. S. Gladstone; 4199 Cpl Thomas Albert John Eldridge (killed in action at Hamel near Vaire Wood 22 June 1918). Second row: 471 Sgt L. H. Atkinson; 157 Sgt Horace Patrick Wilson (died of wounds Main Dressing Station 26 June 1918. Buried at Amiens); 1715 Sgt Archibald Leslie P. Ey; 3037 Sgt Leonard Ignatius Rzeszkowski MM; 6276 Sgt W. E. Inglis MM; 4791 Sgt F. Jordan; 11462 Sgt T. Corbett; 3556 Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant (RQMS) D. Smith; 341 Sgt S. McGrath MM; 1187 Company Sergeant Major (CSM) F. Luck; 228 Company Quartermaster Sergeant (CQMS) P. Grant MSM; 1701 Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) James Henry Patrick Leunig DCM (later 2nd Lieutenant, died of illness 15 September 1918); 2250 Sgt Reginald Thomas Phillips (killed in action at Hebuterne 5 April 1918); 4007 Sgt R. Sweetman MM; 78 CQMS G. H. Martin MM; 1352 Temporary CSM F. R. Bullen; 1791 Sgt Reginald John Carter (died of illness 5 November 1918); 434 Sgt E. Head; 7006 Sgt A. Drabble; 1794 Sgt H. L. Choules MM; 18 Sgt W. H. Giles; 1809 Sgt C. G. Goad; 2815 Sgt H. E. Pittman MM and Bar; 7022 Sgt A. Oaklands. Front row: 5371 LCpl S. M. Longbottom; 6947 Cpl J. R. Hughes; 6349 LCpl E. W. Walker; 3411 LCpl Wallace William Beresford (died of wounds, 5th Casualty Clearing Station, 24 June 1918); 3006 LCpl R. W. J. Clark MM; 3399 Cpl T. L. Axford VC MM; 3539 LCpl H. O'Donnell; 6790 Cpl G. D. Lummis MM; 2150 LCpl W. H. Barry; 2365 Cpl H. Schmidt MM; 1106 LCpl J. Walsh; 1317 LCpl F. G. Palmer; 3890 LCpl J. Douglas; 7400 LCpl W. A. Reardon; 6463 Sgt A. Wiseman; 6223 LCpl A. J. Bonser MM; 3540 Sgt J. Oxenham MM and Bar; 2612 Cpl F. K. Grant; 6047 Cpl F. A. B. Jones; 4947 Cpl H. H. Roots MM; 6953 Cpl A. Dewar; 1513 Sgt A. Pollard.