Locre, Belgium. 20 February 1918. Group portrait of the 2nd Australian Machine Gun Company. Left ...

Accession Number E01826
Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white - Glass original whole plate negative
Maker Unknown Australian Official Photographer
Place made Belgium: Flanders, West-Vlaanderen, Heuvelland, Locre
Date made 20 February 1918
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

Public Domain Mark This item is in the Public Domain


Locre, Belgium. 20 February 1918. Group portrait of the 2nd Australian Machine Gun Company. Left to right, back row: 3044 Sergeant (Sgt) K. Campbell; 4153 Private (Pte) J. Crawford MM; 4468 Corporal (Cpl) W. J. Crocker (standing slightly back); 589 Lance Corporal (LCpl) J. Purcell MM; 4539 Pte M. Law (behind Purcell); 704 Driver (Dvr) G. F. Pearse; 594 Pte W. H. Simmons (behind Pearse); 733 Dvr S. F. A. Williams; 3536 Cpl W. C. Young MM; 3302 Sgt H. J. Emmerson; 874 Sgt H. Butter; 49 Cpl F. B. Matthews; 1679 Dvr T. Mayze; 3425 Pte C. R. Peel; 6541 Dvr E. Gilbert; 385A Pte R. S. H. Jefferson; 1980 Dvr E. J. Lucas; 3452 Dvr A. E. Braithwaite; 501 Pte W. E. Cleary; 329 Pte K. Mitchell; 236 Pte G. H. ?Larverson; 2772 Pte G. W. Abel; 5437 Pte W. R. M. Walsh; 289 Sgt J. J. Doherty DCM; 2853 Pte S. Effemey; 2189 Cpl R. A. Morrall (partially obscured); 5084 Pte T. Fenton; 1593 Pte G. R. Stewart (behind Fenton); 1809 Pte J. C. W. Taylor; 3087 Cpl W. Earl (behind Taylor) MM; 640 Pte A. E. Lane; 651B Pte L. J. Robinson; 245 Pte A. M. Kearley. Third row: 332 Pte A. ?Ruxle; 14705 Pte W. H. Frost; 1311 Pte F. R. Morris (behind Frost); 2573 Pte S. B. Barker MM; 333 Dvr T. Warne; 899 LCpl H. J. Hill; 3253 Dvr W. Brown; 543 Dvr F. J. Doyle; 4135 Pte A. E. Batten; 565 LCpl E. G. Harris; 2431 Pte H. F. Thompson; 7275 Pte W. M. McDermott; 2067 Dvr E. Roach; 2104 Dvr A. H. Owens; 1850 Pte L. B. LeGray; 2625A Dvr H. A. Davis; 43 Pte W. Normington; 1581 Dvr S. Marshall; 226 Dvr G. Farleigh; 2819 Pte J. S. Williams; 20 Sgt W. McAdam; 2953 Pte H. P. Hargreaves; 1382 Pte A. E. Rosser; 244 Pte J. J. Kearley; 640 Pte S. A. Ellis; 3086 Cpl J. Earl; 1776 Cpl A. E. Knight (standing slightly back); 330 Pte H. Oldfield. Second row (sitting, short row): 286 Cpl F. A. Coe; 3929 Sgt L. R. Strother MM and Bar; 1917 Sgt J. H. Melhuish Croix de Guerre; 2214 R. J. Morrison; 2847 Sgt F. A. Clark; 1816 Sgt J. H. Walsh DCM; Lieutenant (Lt) R. M. Watson; Lt Baird; Lt Colborn-Veal DCM; Lt J. E. Wallish; Lt K. Smith; Lt Honeybun MC; Lt R. F. Ellis; Lt J. H. O'Loughlin MC; Lt J. Horan MC; Lt J. McEllister; Lt H. F. Manners; Company Sergeant Major (CSM) R. Sykes DCM; 3402 Sgt H. G. Nitchie; 3392 Pte N. E. Lothian; 2870 Cpl S. G. Pearse MM; 5482 Pte Sinclair; 606 Pte G. E. Baker; 477B Pte F. R. Williams. Front row (sitting and squatting): 294 Pte J. K. Gregg; 3260 LCpl S. W. A. Byrd; 638 Pte J. A. Kyle; 4135 Pte A. G. Bottomby; 247A Pte V. P. Lyons; 643 Pte J. Morrow; 4183 Cpl F. R. Edwards MM; 3305 Pte A. L. Isbel; 345 Pte A. Fillingham; 3146 Pte L. A. W. Bowden; 2339 LCpl C. H. Honeybun; 234 Pte T. Haynes; 236 Pte J. R. White; 591 Pte A. Akam; 771 Pte W. J. Hyde; 283 Pte L. Clark; 766 Pte P. Harrison; 632 LCpl I. M. Brodie; 471 Pte J. E. Morgan; 232 Pte Frederick Michael Tilson; 1789A Cpl H. S. Miskin; 281 Sgt D. S. S. Bristol (Killed in action 23 August 1918).