Improvised sentry's warning wire : Pope's Hill, Gallipoli

Accession Number RELAWM00326
Collection type Heraldry
Title Improvised sentry's warning wire : Pope's Hill, Gallipoli
Object types Heraldry
Maker Unknown

Length of barbed wire, to which is attached two jam tin lids and two jam tins by pieces of wire or barbed wire. A large round piece of tin with crimped edges is attached to the main length of barbed wire by a length of string, which is entangled in the smaller length of wire connecting one of the jam tins.

History / Summary

Tins and lids were attached to the Australian wire entanglements at the top of Pope's Reserve Gully (to the left of Pope's Hill) to help warn sentries of Turks approaching the Australian lines.

This item was found near Pope's Hill in January 1919 by members of the Australian War Records Section (AWRS). The small party of AWRS staff, led by Lieutenant William Hopkin James, worked on Gallipoli, taking photographs and collecting items for the national collection from December 1918 to March 1919.

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