Boxed pack of playing cards, MV Wanganella : Sister S Muir, 2/13 AGH, AANS

Accession Number REL35612
Collection type Heraldry
Object type Heraldry
Physical description Cardboard, Paper
Maker Unknown
Place made Australia
Date made 1930s
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945

Boxed pack of Huddart Parker Line playing cards. On the back of each card is an image of ship MV Wanganella with the words, 'M.V. WANGANELLA HUDDART PARKER LINE'. There are 52 playing cards and two jokers. The cards are stored in a white cardboard box which is open on both the side and top. On the front of the box is the same image that backs each card. On the front is printed crossed flags, one the Australian Red Ensign, the other a red ensign with a blue St Andrew's Cross and the white letters 'H' and 'P'. Printed above and below are the words, 'HUDDART PARKER LINE' and 'AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND PASSENGER SERVICES'. The sides of the box are printed with the words, 'LINEN FINISH' and 'ROUND CORNERS'. On the bottom flap of the box is printed the words, 'MADE IN AUSTRALIA and 3 over 3 inside a triangle.

History / Summary

This pack of cards was collected by QFX22816 Sister Sylvia Muir during her voyage to Singapore on board the Hospital Ship Wanganella with 2/13 AGH in 1941. Sylvia Jessie Mimmie Muir was born at Longreach, Queensland on 24 August 1915 and enlisted in the Australian Army Nursing Service (AANS) on 29 May 1941. Soon after Sister Muir sailed for Singapore with the 2/13 Australian General Hospital aboard the Hospital Ship Wanganella. With 64 other AANS nurses, Sister Muir was evacuated from Singapore on 12 February 1942 aboard The Vyner Brooke. She survived the sinking of The Vyner Brooke and became a Prisoner of War of the Japanese in Sumatra for the remainder of the war. After liberation, Sister Muir returned to Australia aboard the Hospital Ship Manunda, arriving home in October 1945. Sister Muir received her discharge from the AANS in May 1946.