Wireless operator's seat : Lockheed Hudson

Accession Number REL35667
Collection type Technology
Object type Aircraft
Physical description Duralium or Duralimin, Ferrous metal
Maker Lockheed Company
Place made United States of America
Date made c 1940
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945

Pressed duralium bucket seat mounted on a tubular mounting pedestal. The seat is constructed from a pair of overlapping upper and lower sections, finished with rivetted edge beading. The upper section is fitted with nine lift-the-dot fixtures, while the lower section is fitted with sixteen snap fasteners - all designed to attach the separate seat cusions. One of each fitting is missing. A pair of safety harness fittings are rivetted to the upper part of the seat. The 346 mm high pedestal is rivetted to the seat and has a circular flange rivetted to the base. The whole seat and mounting has a green painted finish which is heavily rubbed and scratched

History / Summary

Unknown. Designed to be mounted in the cabin compartment of the Lockheed Hudson; missing seat cushions and safety harness.