Group portrait of members of the 2/4 Australian Independent Company. Identified, left to right, ...

Accession Number P05700.001
Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white - Print silver gelatin
Maker Unknown
Place made Australia: South Australia, Adelaide
Date made March 1943
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

Public Domain Mark This item is in the Public Domain


Group portrait of members of the 2/4 Australian Independent Company. Identified, left to right, back row: unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; R Williams; T Coops; unidentified; unidentified; VX55259 Trooper (Tpr) Percival Forbes, of Bendigo, Vic; R Golding; A Gray; unidentified; M H Levy; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; W McDermond; unidentified; WX14483 Private (Pte) John Aubrey Bickford, of Normans Lake, WA; WX18426 Lance Sergeant (LSgt) Malcolm Douglas Furze Gaston, of Kalgoorlie, WA; WX18354 Pte Charles William London, of East Perth, WA; unidentified; N Skinn; VX65451 Corporal (Cpl) Austin William O'Loughlin, of Nariah, NSW.
Tenth row: all unidentified.
Ninth row: fifteen unidentified; QX24212 Lance Corporal (LCpl) Lloyd Allan Maiden, of Omeo, Qld; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; QX25374 Pte Royce Bush Gardiner, of Rockhampton, Qld; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified.
Eighth row: QX23798 Sapper (Spr) Gerald Thomas Moran, of Margate, Qld; VX47047 Driver (Dvr) Ronald Keith Mathieson, of Warracknabeal, Vic; QX23607 Pte Bruce Edward Clerke, of Highgate Hill, Qld; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; NX77970 Tpr Keith James Morrison, of Clovelly, NSW; N Griffiths; V Swenson; unidentified; QX18906 Pte Frederick Joseph Bukowski, of Finch Hatton, Qld, killed in action in New Guinea on 4 September 1943; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; VX68244 Tpr Norman Alfred Holgate; unidentified; J Bennett; unidentified; unidentified.
Seventh row: WX15106 Tpr Malcolm Rex Townrow, of Kalgoorlie, WA; unidentified; VX70949 Cpl Arthur Hope Bury, of Williamstown, Vic; NX38338 Corporal (Cpl) Mervyn George Ripley, of Five Dock, NSW; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; VX64564 Leiutenant (Lt) Gordon John Martin, of Geelong, Vic, killed in action in New Guinea on 25 June 1945; unidentified; unidentified; V Dolan (probably VX65380 Tpr Vernon Oswald Dowlan, of Northcoate, Vic); unidentified; J Ross; VX65891 Cpl Donald Percival Kellond, of Collingwood, Vic; unidentified; VX66803 Sergeant (Sgt) Jack Archibald George Shand; VX89198 LCpl Victor George Norton, of East St Kilda, Vic; VX65163 Tpr Harold Edward Sandiford, of Swan Hill, Vic; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified.
Sixth row: unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; QX11943 Sgt Frederick Morgan Heineman, of Townsville; QX24246 LCpl Leslie Whitfield, of Morningside, Qld; VX67992 LCpl Geoffrey Lawry, of Elsternwick, Vic, killed in action in Tarakan on 4 May 1945; QX25133 LCpl John Owen Crees, of Port Douglas, Qld; VX57529 Tpr Alan Francis Sutherland, of Kerang, Vic; T Daly; unidentified; QX18921Tpr Clarence Frederick Groth, of Mackay, Qld; unidentified; unidentified; VX58175 Tpr William Murray McMicking, of Hampton, Vic; unidentified; QX22266 Pte Thomas Patrick Dillon, of Mount Isa, Qld, killed in action in Tarakan on 7 May 1945; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; QX25957 Pte Samuel McCormick, of Buranda, Qld; probably QX25807 LCpl Dudley Oscar Pascoe, of Roma, Qld or VX112334 Sgt Donald Wesley Pascoe, of Sale, Vic; SX21339 Craftsman (Cfn) Robert John Manuel, of Goodwood Park, SA; unidentified; unidentified.
Fifth row: QX18893 Cpl Cyril James Samuel Rebetzke, of Mackay, Qld; unidentified; VX19065 Pte Eric Weymouth, of Euston, NSW; unidentified; unidentified; VX66497 Lt James Robert Landman, Warranbool, Vic; A J O’Reilly; unidentified; QX26087 Pte John Handyside Barnes, of Charleville, Qld; unidentified; unidentified; Mick Murphy; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; VX62541 Pte Alexander Ian Hampel, of Boinka, Vic; unidentified; unidentified; probably QX25807 LCpl Dudley Oscar Pascoe, of Roma, Qld or VX112334 Sgt Donald Wesley Pascoe, of Sale, Vic; QX26127 Staff Sergeant (SSgt) Peter John Perrett, of Enoggera, Qld; unidentified.
Fourth row: unidentified; VX70309 Cpl Richard Isaac Octovus Spreadborough, of Melbourne, Vic; E Smith; unidentified; T S Bennett; unidentified; NX51917 LSgt John Henry Cory, of Warwick, Qld; NX52906 Tpr Aubrey Leonard Leslie Clark, of Ryde, NSW; NX48838 Tpr Edwin Arnold Brown, of Cooma, NSW; NX77921 Signalman (Sig) Harry Keith Brittain, of Dulwich Hill, NSW; VX65466 Pte George Vincent Squires, of Nagambie, Vic; unidentified; H Reid; VX64527 Sgt Ralph Joseph Coyne, of Toorak, Vic; unidentified; F Casey; NX73851 Cpl Frederick Colin Simmonds, of Bankstown East, NSW; VX48500 LSgt Leslie Henry Northcott Enscoe, of Merino, Vic; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; QX19427 Pte Walter Woodroyd Crowther, of Cooparoo, Qld; A King; unidentified.
Third row: QX18184 Cpl Gordon Derry Fossey, of Stanthorpe, Qld; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; W Beattie; WX16893 Cpl Kenneth Merritt, of Balingup, WA; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; R Moore; VX68824 Tpr Bruce Bernard McDonald, of Ivanhoe, Vic; VX65044 Tpr Jack Douglas Chennell, of Timboon, Vic; C Morris; V Bryce; VX123113 Tpr Eric John Schutt, of North Carlton, Vic; NX57002 Tpr Harold James Bannister, of Glebe, NSW; VX57506 Pte Robert Lyndhurst Piesse, of Kew, Vic; VX83843 Sig Leonard Clarence Amery, of Ashburton, Vic; NX110266 Tpr Lincoln Milburn, of Lorne, NSW; NX101976 LCpl Stanley Browning, of Kurri Kurri, NSW; VX65371 Cpl George Gladstone Fox, of South Yarra, Vic, killed in action in New Guinea on 4 September 1943; QX21621 Pte Herbert Cecil Johnson, of Swanfels, Qld; unidentified; A Nye.
Second Row: G Wallace; SX13656 LSgt Maurice Wright, of Stepney, SA; unidentified; A R Harvey; unidentified; VX57536 Warrant Officer Class 2 (WO2) Jack Llewellyn Oddy, of Deneliquin, NSW; R Moore; VX57537 Sgt William Norman Gibbs, of Tongala, Vic; G Scott; VX53569 Lt Phillip Hopper, of Moonee Ponds, Vic, killed in action in New Guinea on 27 January 1944; I Searle; F Leech; V Bryce; J Kelaher; A Stevenson; R Maynard; R McLean; VX55348 Sgt John Frederick Jones, of Surrey Hills, NSW; D Williams; J Brodie; probably VX61038 Lt Kenneth Charles Piesse, of Kew, Vic; J Graham; unidentified; unidentified.
Front row: NX71004 Lt Claude William Pulver, of Wagga Wagga, NSW; W Marshall; NX77291 Lt John Stoneman Lane, of Double Bay, NSW; probably NX76313 Lt Edmund Arthur Burton, of Bellvue Hill, NSW; F Hammond; W Cox; WX8222 Capt Norman Thomas Nicolay, of Norseman, WA; C Murphy; A Thompson; VX60728 Capt Patrick Frank Haigh, of Melbourne, Vic; NX70709 Maj Kevin Boyd Garvey, of Bondi, NSW; E McWalker; R Lipman; D O’Connor; R Flemming; NX76250 Capt Gordon Charles Hart, of Carlton, NSW; W Staples; NX47629 Lt Reginald Douglas Hopson, of Underbank, NSW; Hagen (no further information); Hagen (no further information).
Known to be in the group, but positions unknown are: QX22522 Pte Joseph Malcolm Cedric McCowan, of Kyogle, NSW; QX26178 Pte Francis James Killorn, of Cambooya, Qld; QX23753 Pte Reginald Ernest Cooke, of New Farm, Qld; QX500604 LCpl Kevin Patrick O’Regan, of Gayndah, Qld; VX13406 LCpl Ernest Arthur Clements, of Surrey Hills, Vic; QX26682 Cfn Reginald Harold Murray, of Nundah, Qld; NX97378 Spr William Leslie Day, of Newtown, NSW; NX73591 Tpr Maxwell James Hamilton, of Griffith, NSW; QX24624 LCpl Harold Vivian Stabler, of Warwick, Qld; QX26009 Lt Ronald Selby Cartledge, of Benalla, Vic; VX65374 LCpl Harold David Heathcote, of Dartmoor, Vic; QX24528 Sig Reginald William Silver, of Coorparoo, Qld; QX26470 Gunner (Gnr) John Joseph O’Neill, of Bonalbo, NSW; VX68236 Pte Albert Bennett, of Windsor, Vic; VX65220 Pte Tamillas William Mappin, of Bairnsdale, Vic; VX58450 Sgt Roderick Gordon Dawson, of Toorak, Vic, died of illness in Australia on 10 August 1945; QX19767 Pte James Kentwell Johnston, of New Farm, Qld; VX64492 LCpl Henry Edward Levy, of Elwood, Vic; probably V144479 Pte Alexander Crawford Kennedy, of Black Rock, Vic.