Report of the Women, Men and Children Camps Padang and Bangkinang (Sumatra's west-coast) 1942-1945.

Place Asia: Netherlands East Indies, Sumatra
Accession Number MSS1661
Collection type Manuscript
Measurement 1 wallet: 2cm
Object type Manuscript
Maker Huijsmans, A.
Date made 2007
Access Open
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945
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Report on the Internment Years at the camps in Padang and Bangkinang of women, men and children on Sumatra's West-Cast during the Japanese occupation of the Netherlands East Indies (07 April 1942 - 22 August 1945) in 3 parts:

Part I: "Report of the women camps Padang and Bangkinang (Sumatra's West-Coast) 1942-1945, Part 1". This report is an English translation from the original Dutch report (1945), and is one of the few reports written by camp leaders after the internment period. Includes a summary of the number of internees (births and deaths) as well as descriptions of individual Japanese workers in the camps, detailed information on the living conditions, the work expected, diseases (and their treatment), and rations.

Part II: "Vrouwenkampen Padang en Bangkinang (Sumatra's Westkust) 1942-1945, Deel-2". Written primarily in Dutch, and includes the names of 2399 women and children (including the names of 43 British women and children) who were imprisoned in these camps. Part A has an English excerpt from Doctor Marjorie J. Lyon as well as plans/maps of both camps. Part B lists the women, children and men that passed away. Part C lists the names of the women and children in both camps. Part D has a chronology of the camps.

Part III: "Mannenkampen Padang en Bangkinang (Sumatra's Westkust) 1942-1945". Written in Dutch, this report lists the names of 1078 men and boys who were interred in the camps, including those who passed away. The list includes the names of 62 British (civilian) internees.