M20 3.5 inch Mk 2 Rocket Launcher

Accession Number REL37101
Collection type Technology
Object type Rocket launcher
Maker Unknown
Place made United Kingdom, United States of America
Date made 1959
Conflict Period 1950-1959
Period 1960-1969
Vietnam, 1962-1975
Army organisation period 1953-1960

M20 3.5 inch Mk 2 Rocket Launcher. Alloy tube comprising of two parts. The rear section is fitted with a pistol grip, shoulder brace, adjustable monopod and an optical sight on the left side. The front section locks into the rear on three lugs and is marked in white paint 'TOP'. Overall painted olive green. Ignition is electrical. Markings LR 3.5 UK M20 MARK 2 NO A264 MA 1959.

History / Summary

Often referred to as the 'Super Bazooka', the M20 was developed from the earlier 2.36-inch M9A1 rocket launcher. Although used in Vietnam, the M20 was on it's way out of service. It was however a very useful weapon when used against enemy fortifications. The M20 weighed 5.5-kg and was a simple rocket launcher, firing a hollow-charge 4-kg HEAT rocket to relatively short ranges of 1200-meters.