Japanese Army Officer's Shin-gunto sword and scabbard

Place Oceania: Pacific Islands, Solomon Islands, Bougainville
Accession Number REL37380.001
Collection type Technology
Object type Edged weapon or club
Physical description Brass, Leather, Steel
Maker Kanezane, Asano
Place made Japan
Date made 1926-1942
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945

Japanese Shin-gunto Army officer's sword and scabbard. The hilt has the standard army style gilded brass Shin-gunto fittings with cherry blossom menuki (hilt ornament) on each side of the handle under the binding, and a scabbard button catch. The tsuba (guard) is rectangular in shape with cherry blossom motifs in the corners and has three spacer plates on each side. The kabuto-gane (pommel) is complete with a sarute (loop) and has an officer's brown/blue tassel. The tang, with two peg holes and a Showa acceptance stamp, is engraved with markings which indicate that the blade was made by the swordsmith Asano Kanezane at Seki in the Gifu prefecture of Japan. The steel scabbard is protected by a leather battle cover with an incomplete collar section and perished chape.

History / Summary

This sword is believed to have been surrendered to Australians at Bougainville in September 1945 by Yoshinoru Nonaka, an officer serving with the Japanese 6th Division HQ.