Vickers Mk 1 Machine Gun

Accession Number REL38497.001
Collection type Technology
Object type Firearm
Physical description Paint, Steel
Maker Small Arms Factory, Lithgow
Place made Australia: New South Wales, Lithgow
Date made c 1944
Conflict Korea, 1950-1953
Second World War, 1939-1945

Vickers Mk 1 Medium Machine Gun. Rectangular box section construction receiver with a fusee spring cover on the left and cocking lever on the right. Twin wooden spade grips with oil bottles and brushes in the handles. Central thumb trigger that has a safety lever stop. The water cooled barrel has a non-fluted jacket painted green. The muzzle is fitted with a recoil booster and the left side of the receiver has a steel Mk II optical sight bracket. This weapon is contained in a transport chest and is covered in grease.

History / Summary

The Vickers Mk 1 Machine Gun with the non-fluted jacket was the standard medium machine gun employed by the Australian Army during the Second World War and Korean War.