Autographed flag : Major Trevor Davies, Force Level Logistic Asset Middle East, Kuwait

Accession Number REL38653
Collection type Heraldry
Object type Flag
Physical description Nylon
Maker Unknown
Date made c 2007
Conflict Afghanistan, 2001-
Iraq, 2003-2013

Mid green long rectangular nylon flag featuring a central design of a boxing kangaroo in yellow and red facing right, within a dark green circular border containing the words 'Force Level Logistic Asset Middle East' in yellow. The area surrounding the flag is covered in signatures in black texta, most with a printed version of the name below each. Supplied with a white nylon hoist loop at each hoist corner. Identified names are (from top left): Colin Burrown JMCC; Carolyn Duffy Ps ST; L, Leyland FLGOFF ALT; J.A. Burdett, Capt, PLANSO; FLT LT A Hernan, Helo Nurse; Sgt Syriotis; Pte De Gelder; Lt AA. Crosby LO #3; Maj Ali; Chris Jones Lieut RAN SNO-FLLA; Scott Bowser, Capt SATR; Mike Hill Capt QM; PETO Arte et Marte; Phillip Sunderland Cpl Ammo Tech; Michael Newsham Lt Movers; D Blekley ALT; Cheers & Blessings C.M. Rich Old CHAP2; AJM FLLA; Lt Col C Purdey CO; WO1 O'Connell 303; Cpl Pinder RAP; SGT Page, Psyche; Luke Tindale, Lt, OPS; N G Wallace; ? OPS WO FLLA; Maj T Davies OPS O FLLA; Ian Amey; Maj S Ali RAP; Lisa Abbott Pte Mover; Frank Hartnig, Cash Man $; Colin Attewell RSOL1 WO; The RSM WO1 A J Roberts; Kylie Jelleff LSWTR; Deb Bowlis ORD SCT; Wayne Fish; Pte Smith Holley; CSM; Tpt Cpl Dole; WO1 Davis; Cpl Quinn; A J Duggan; Sig Archer; Dave Whalan '502'; Sig Matanis; Samson OP MSV; WO2 Ockenden 'Ocky'; Toni; Jenny; FLT LT MOVERS; Lt Price FLLA-K OPS; Capt Kristi Heffernan PSST; Jessica Ferris 'LOG OPS PL'; Q Store Team - Cpl Bunn - Cpl Tanis - Pte Malone - MPte Martin - Pte McLachlan - Sgt Tippett; WO Thommo, OPS WO FLLA-K; Jason Lee VM; Capt Dowle-Watts 56; WO2 Lambe MOVERS!; Maj V Crook, OC FLLA-AFG; MAJ W. Reed OC JMCC 13A; CSM G R Hartland; Paul Fuller, FLLA-AFG RAP; Cpl Guy Price aka 'The Cougar'; ? CPO WTR Navy; Pete Lukic ? ; K Hammant; Tenkate; CHOP; Sgt Tim Blad 'Postman Pat' 06.07.08; Cpl Sharon Menso 'Postie' 06.07.08; Ackers; Sgt Mick Grant; LCpl Leverson - Live the Dream FLLA-TK; T. Gimm; ? FLLA-B GEEK; Saldow 521; WO1 S Robey CSM FLLA-AFG; Doc Martens FLLA-AFG Go Sigs!; Steve Currie XO; C Smith; Sgt Ellsw?; ADDN Cronin; Cpl Ubatiech FLLA-B Wendy Maxwell; Anyone seen the Sharkie?; WO2 J Smith CSM FLLA-B; Matty Overton FLLA-B TERMITE; Luke Noyes 'Bootie'; Spr Harris FLLA-B (Chippy); Josh Woods FLLA-B RPS; ? ; OPte Ladd 8493434 Cpl Allen R495; Mick Gordon > Elec; James Dowan ?; Pete Atkinson AFG; Mandy Kershaw OC FLLA-B; Capt Condom; Doonah xx Pay Clk FLLA_A; Macca FLLA-AFG; Andy xo; Josh Wood 'FLLA-B RPS'; Sink Fitter M. O'R (AB1); Sgt Bingham; Pete Donnelly; Kim; Sharpie; Tpt Sect L Cpl M Dendle; TML Sect L Cpl Werner; Noni xx.

History / Summary

The tri-service Force Level Logistic Asset (FLLA) is a communications element and movement control group of 110 personnel who are responsible for a range of logistic, training and communications activities associated with the Australian Defence Force's Operation CATALYST. Operation CATALYST is Australia's contribution to the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Iraq. Every Australian Defence Force member deployed to the Middle East group must pass through FLLA in Kuwait both into and out of the country. This flag represents the FLLA team who were deployed to Kuwait from September 2007 until February 2008 and is one of eight flags made for the deployment. Two were destroyed. Known military acronyms used on the flag include: FLLA -A (Force Level Logistic Asset - Kandahar, Afghanistan); FLLA-B (Force Level Logistic Asset - Baghdad); FLLA-TK (Force Level Logistic Asset - Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan); FLLA-K (Force Level Logistic Asset - Kuwait); JMCC (Joint Movement Coordination Centre); SATR (Subcontract Administrator Technical Representative) and PsST (Psychology Support Team).