Panorama group portrait of members of the 9th Field Ambulance at camp in England prior to service ...

Accession Number P08861.001
Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white - Print silver gelatin
Maker British & Colonial Photo Co
Place made United Kingdom: England
Date made October 1916
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

Public Domain Mark This item is in the Public Domain


Panorama group portrait of members of the 9th Field Ambulance at camp in England prior to service on the Western Front. Back row, left to right: 12077 Private (Pte) Hubert Bishop Tucker; 11906 Pte Bromley George Bieler; 12092 Driver (Dvr) Ernest Gabriel Williams; 11973 Pte George William Handley; 11897 Pte Nicol Thomas Allardice (later MM); 12056 Pte Norman Rosenthal; 12003 Pte Frederick Lee; Pte Jones; 12997 Pte John Joseph Duggan; 11947 Pte Richmond Percival De Gruchy; 12040 Pte John Ridley Perry; Pte Henderson; 12000 Pte Stanley Latham; 12045 Pte William Poole; 11915 Pte Wilfred Albert Boys (killed in action 31 August 1918, in France); 13004 Pte Harold Ashton Louat; 11958 Pte Stewart Roy Egan; 12081 Pte John Virtue; 11985 Pte Thomas Francis Hodge; 12058 Dvr Aubrey Wallace Rutherford; 12018 Dvr Joseph McMahon; 12089 Bugler Sydney Jesse West; 12054 Pte Gerald Hercules Robinson, (later MM); 11910 Pte Leslie Norman Blakeney; 12052 Pte Edward John Rigden; 12021 Pte William Menzies; 12088 Pte Alfred Walter Webber; 11937 Pte Mervyn Montgomery Cox; 11931 Pte Verner William Cocks; 11982 Pte John Howard Healy; 11967 Pte Reginald Ernest Glennie; 11904 Pte Garnet Lyndon Barrow; 11932 Pte Joseph Cooke; 11919 Pte Percy Oswald Burdon; 12011 Pte James Marshall; 12012 Pte Archibald Andrew Martin; 12010 Pte Arthur Linden Mance; 12008 Pte Robert Hugh Mahaffey; 11950 Pte Andrew George Douglass. Third row: 12026 Pte Alfred William Moss; 12093 Pte Cyril Augustus Wilson; 12082 Pte William Wagstaffe; 12035 Pte James Aloysius O'Sullivan; 11949 Pte Herbert George Donovan; 12043 Pte John Harper Piercy; 12101 Pte John Horace Chambers Zocchi; 12074 Pte Robert John Thomas; 11977 Pte Charles William Harrison; 11959 Pte Norman Campion Bright Farquhar (died of wounds 16 October 1917, in France); 11931 Pte Frederick Rupert Cooke; 11976 Pte Eber Henry Harris; 12020 Pte, Arthur Russell Mealey, (later MM); 12999 Pte James Robertson Gillespie; 12062 Pte Stewart Frederick Shearman; 12107 Pte Edward Richardson Figtree; 13010 Pte Thomas Edgar Temperley; 12098 Dvr Charles William Wynn; 11999 Pte Cecil Laffan; 12047 Pte Samuel Ernest Porter (killed in action 8 April 1917, in France); 11954 Pte Paul Raymond Druitt; 12083 Pte Lyall Risdon Walker; 11996 Pte Francis William Kelly; 12014 Pte William Maxwell; 11972 Pte William Charles Hampson; 12084 Pte Charles Joseph Walsh (Walshe) (killed in action 12 October 1917, in Belgium) (see also H05590); 11983 Pte Edward Batley Hemsworth; 11960 Pte Bernard Fox (killed in action 12 October 1917, in Belgium); 12080 Pte Sidney William Vanderfield; 11979 Pte Leonard Haskins; 12091 Pte John Nevil White; 12002 Pte John Leah; 11905 Dvr Hector Brooke Beeston (later MM); 12072 Dvr Edwin Tatham; 11936 Pte Leslie John Cox; 12073 Pte William Henry Taylor; 11912 Pte Charles James Bowen; 12042 Pte Cecil John Joseph Phelan; 12009 Pte John Thomas Mahon; 11969 Dvr John Stewart Haig; 11909 Bugler Richard Watson Bickford. Second row: 11903 Pte Robert Rawcliffe Barker; 12106 Pte Henry William Thackway; 11935 Pte Joseph Cornelius Cox (died of wounds 22 July 1917, in France); 12094 Pte Malcolm Wilson; 12055 Dvr Alfred Camden Rofe; 11941 Pte William Young Cunningham; 11915 Pte Edward George Carroll; Pte Hartley; 11934 Pte Alfred John Ashby Cornock; 11962 Pte Vilven Jack Francis; 12007 Dvr Harry Mervyn Machin; 12013 Dvr Edward Cecil Mathew; 12039 Dvr William Pearson; 12029 Dvr Joseph Dench Nankivell (killed in action 13 October 1917, in Belgium); 11877 Staff Sergeant (SSgt) Frederick William Gray (later DCM);11879 SSgt John Cecil Lane; 12199 SSgt Vincent Harry Casson; 11887 Sgt Richard John Watts; 11884 Sgt Gordon Rowland Ross; 12090 Sgt Charles Herbert White; 11886 Sgt Edward Creek Trouton; 11881 Sgt Samuel Richard Crook (later MM, killed in action 13 October 1917, in Belgium) (see also P01988.001); 11894 Sgt Harold John Williams; 11883 Sgt Francis Charles Meadows; 11882 Sgt Edward Duncan Lee (later MM); 11889 Sgt John Deans; 11970 Pte Charles Oswald Hamblin; 12104 Pte Ralph Denver (killed in action 12 December 1917, in France) (see also H16017); 11964 Pte Wilfred Garnet Gates (later MM); 12068 Pte John Henry Stevens; 11923 James Cape; 12066 Pte William Gordon Cumming Smith; 11908 John Wilson Bell; 11994 Pte Russell Thompson Sydney Jarvis (later MM, killed in action 4 October 1917, in Belgium); 12015 Pte Alexander McKay; 12028 Pte Alan Rowat Murray; 11993 Pte Edward Roy Jamieson (later MM); 11930 Pte Harold Norman Condon; 11980 Pte John Hayes. First row: 11922 Pte James Stewart [Stuart] Campbell; 11974 Pte Henry George Harpur; 12017 Pte Harold Gavin Mclean (died of wounds 9 April 1918, in France); 11945 Pte Garnet Wilton Dart; 11914 Pte Alfred Henry Boyle; 11942 Pte William Patrick Curry; 11961 Pte George William Gordon Fox; 12016 Pte Herbert Thomas McKenna; 11939 Pte Alexander Craig (later MM); 11952 Pte Roy Dennis Doyle; 11920 Pte Arthur John Burnside; 11918 Pte Harry Gordon Brown; 11965 L Cpl William Fleming George (later DCM); 12070 Cpl Frederick Sturch; Captain Arthur Vincent Meehan; Captain Harry Carysfort Edmond Donovan; Major Edmund Frank Lind (later CBE, DSO); Lt Col Frederick Arthur Maguire (later DSO, DSM); Major Andrew Victor Honman (died of wounds 20 May 1917, in France) (see also C01629); Capt Wilfred Vickers (later DSO); Lt Claude Alfred Oxley; 11876 WO1 Leonard James Mobbs (later MSM); 11896 Cpl Harold Algernon Joseph A¿Hearn; 11956 Cpl Augustine Edward Dyer (killed in action 8 April 1917, in France); 12051 Dvr George Henry Richards; 11984 Pte George Wilfred Henville; 12044 Dvr Ronald George Ponton; Dvr 12004 Harold Frank Lees; 11981 Dvr Frank Jefferson Haynes (died of illness 6 October 1918, in France) (see also P05758.008); 12067 Dvr Harry James Sneddon; 12049 L Cpl Rodolph Herman Purkis; 11955 Pte Henry Dubois; 12075 Pte Frederick James Toby; 12036 Pte Rolfe Valentine Irwin Ormsby (later MM); 11900 Pte John O¿Connor Arkins; 12032 Pte Eric George Nicholls. Foreground: 11893 Cpl Clifford Thew; 11951 Cpl Albert Owen Dowse; 12060 Cpl Eric Cecil Savage; 12001 L Cpl Ernest Edmund Charles Lawless; 11890 Cpl William David Fawke; 12061 L Cpl Sydney Henry Selwyn (later MM).