Australia and the Cold War: 1949-1955

Accession Number MSS2086
Collection type Manuscript
Measurement 1 wallet: 2cm
Object type Manuscript
Maker Meale, Katie
Date made 2005
Access Open
Conflict Period 1950-1959

73 page manuscript. The manuscript consists of three papers: Paper one examines Menzies and the fear of communism in Australia in the lead up to the 1951 referendum; Paper Two examines the British atomic testing operations in Australia; Paper Three examines the expectations of a Third World War and Australia's reactions to these fears. In paper one the manuscript examines the campaigns for the 1949 federal election, the Communist Party dissolution bill, the High Court case on the legality of the Communist Party, and the Referendum in 1951 on the dissolution of the Communist Party. Paper Two examines the background to the agreement for Australian and British cooperation for the atomic testing program within Australia. Each of the five major testing operations is examined in detail, the minor trials are also looked at, and finally the outcomes from the trials and Australia's reactions to them are examined. Paper three looks at the political fears of a Third World War and the politicians response and how this influenced the deployment of Australian troops during the Cold War. Nine appendices are included showing examples of campaign ads from the referendum of 1951, maps relating to the British atomic tests, a transcript of a speech by Menzies relating to the expansion of the armed forces, and copies of ANZUS and SEATO treaties.