Contour HD helmet camera : Private A D Fox-Lane, 6 Battalion, RAR

Place Asia: Afghanistan
Accession Number REL46761
Collection type Technology
Object type Optical equipment
Physical description Glass, Plastic
Maker Contour
Place made United States of America
Date made Unknown
Conflict Afghanistan, 2001-2021

Small black tubular helmet camera incorporating a rectangular body which features two parallel horizontal slots on each side for mounting the camera on rails. On the right side proper is attached a large mounting disc with a velcro face. The camera body has 'CONTOUR HD' printed in white on the right side proper. On the top is a control slide that when moved forward reveals a red surface on which is printed in black 'REC ^'. Printed in white round the face of the lens is, 'CONTOUR HD' and '500mm - [infinity symbol] wide 135 [degrees symbol]. Either side of the lens are two laser alignment lights which produce a red beam. There are two indicator lights at the rear of the camera body for the battery charge and data capacity. Two plastic toggle connections are attached to the mounting support; these can be looped into the camera and the mount to provide additional security.

History / Summary

Now used extensively in the military context, helmet mounted cameras provide an immediate and high quality video record of an action as seen by the individual soldier.

This camera was mounted to the helmet of Private Fox-Lane, 6th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (6RAR) during his deployment with MTF-1 (Mentoring Task Force - One) in Afghanistan. He was wearing it during the Battle of Derapet on 24 August 2010. It was for his actions in this engagement, one of his colleagues, Corporal Daniel Keighran was awarded the Victoria Cross for Australia.