French Pattern 1822 Heavy Cavalry Sword and Scabbard

Place Middle East: Syria
Accession Number RELAWM20178
Collection type Technology
Object type Edged weapon or club
Place made France
Date made 1878
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945

French Pattern 1822 Heavy Cavalry Sword and Scabbard. The hilt has a brass triple bar guard, numbered 1023 and the grip is brass wire bound over leather. A broad brown leather sword knot is attached to the guard. The curved blade is engraved on the back edge in italic script Mce d'Armes de Chatllt_Fevrier 1878 = Cavllre Cre Mle 1822. It has a a single edge with a single fuller on each side to 16 mm of the double edge point and has a thin fuller to each side for 54 mm in the centre near the back edge. A brown leather washer is attached to the blade where it meets the guard. The polished steel scabbard has a single loose ring 80 mm from the throat, numbered 1023 and a drag shoe at the chape. The scabbard is contained in a canvas and leather cover with four eyelets at the mouth to secure it above the hanger strap.

History / Summary

This sword was collected by the Military History Section in Syria during the Second World War.