Volume IX - The Royal Australian Navy, 1914-1918 (9th edition, 1941

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Title Volume IX - The Royal Australian Navy, 1914-1918 (9th edition, 1941
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Maker Jose, Arthur Wilberforce
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Writing in the 1920s, when the future development of the Royal Australian Navy was uncertain, Jose attempted to combat what he perceived as local tendencies either to reduce participation in Imperial Defence or to leave all responsibility for it to Great Britain. His history set out to show that during the war the RAN had justified the policy of those pre-war Australian leaders who had inaugurated it. Whether fighting an action, in routine patrolling, or working ashore, the very young Australian fleet and its men, under Admiralty control, had shown themselves worthy of the traditions and courage of the Royal Navy. Such strategic errors as there may bave been in its employmnet were not of Australian origin. Joses main interest was in the events described in the early chapters, covering the work in the Pacific during the second half of 1914.
Introduction by Ross Lamont, to the University of Queensland Press edition.

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