Volume III - The Island Campaigns (1st edition, 1957

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Title Volume III - The Island Campaigns (1st edition, 1957
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Maker Walker, Allan Seymour
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This third volume of the medical series of the official history of Australia in the war of 19391945 completes the story of the operational experiences of the Australian Army Medical Corps in that war. It opens in Papua in 1942 and tells of the long struggle to subdue tropical disease during nearly four years of fighting along the wet coasts and in the inhospitable mountains of New Guinea, the Solomons and, finally, Borneo. One chapter discusses some of the more important medical problems that arose in Australia in the second half of the war.Until 1942 the experiences of the army medical service were largely in lands distant from Australia. From 1942 onwards came the struggle to overcome and to prevent the dangers of injury and infection in tropical areas nearer home. In those areas, the author points out, Australia must henceforth bear an increasing share in the study and practice of tropical medicine and, to that extent, this volume tells the beginning of a continuing story.

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