Municipality of Kogarah Honour Roll No 1, comprising portraits and names of citizens who served ...

Accession Number P11193.002
Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white - Print silver gelatin
Maker Mercer & Ramsay
Place made Australia: New South Wales, Sydney
Date made c 1919
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

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Municipality of Kogarah Honour Roll No 1, comprising portraits and names of citizens who served in the First World War.
Listing by Tier, top to bottom, left to right:
Tier 1
4794 Private (Pte) Arthur Charles Hawkins, 45th Battalion, killed in action, 13 October 1917; 3869 Corporal (Cpl) Keith Robert Douglas McFadyen, 17th Battalion, died of wounds, 26 July 1916; 10670 Driver (Dvr) Norman William Stibbard; 2291 Pte George Ephraim Canham; 34732 Gunner (Gnr) Horace Joseph Devitt; 59313 Sapper (Spr) Sydney John Douglas; 59362 Pte George William Shaw; 632 Pte William Alfred Rodden, 18th Battalion, died of disease, 24 September 1915; 294 Gnr Bert Kemp; 2428 Cpl William Henry Williams; 4427 Pte Herbert James Porter.
Tier 2
6379, Pte William Charles Mercer; 5592 Pte Herbert Charles Le Messurier; 2893/2893A Pte Donald Dudley Morris Riley; 4413 Pte Reginald John Tyrrell, killed in action 23 May 1918; 693 Pte Albert Frank Kulmar; 2029 Sergeant (Sgt) Harry Garside; 815/3274 Pte Roy Crawford; 41 Second Cpl Sidney Vincent, MM and Bar, 1 Div Signals, died of disease, 12 Dec 1919; 5716 Pte Herbert Henry Holyoake; 1419 Dvr George Ernest White; 3419 Pte Alfred Richards.
Tier 3
609 Pte Clyde Allan Lloyd; 2892 Lance Corporal (L Cpl) Joseph Stephen Bunting; 3007 Pte Vinton Baltam Baker, 55th Battalion, killed in action 20 July 1916; 6639 Pte Cyril Herbert Standen; 1277 Pte Albert Sheen; 2891 Pte Norman William John Stokes; 356 Cpl Norman Anthony Wilson; 1233 Dvr Thomas William Wright Killiby; 7623 Pte Robert Killiby; 2638 Pte Frederick Sam Green; 28215 Pte Alexander Wilson.
Tier 4
3884 Pte Walter Edgar Bulmer, 1st Battalion, killed in action 22 August 1916; 6113 Pte Cyril Thomas Lewis, 22nd Battalion, killed in action 3 May 1917; L Stewart; 9953 Cpl Cyril Walter South; 10007 Pte Henry Gage; 6114 Pte Leo Patrick Lewis; 16538 Spr Charles Albert Gage; 12221 Sgt Erik Braddon South; 6267 Pte Richard Daniel Flatman; 4772 Pte Albert Cornwall Sippel, 20th Battalion, killed in action 9 Mar 1917; 3449 Pte Edwin Norton.
Tier 5
C Lewis, 2266 Pte Robert Arthur Stewart, 3rd Battalion, died of wounds 7 August 1915; L Stewart; 2159/2884 Pte Arthur John Frasa; 3121 Pte Robert Wallace Kerr; 6571 Pte Harold Cornwall Sippel; 58522 Pte Herbert George Adams; 2604 Pte John Selwood Chynoweth; 5091 Company Quartermaster Sergeant Herbert Arthur Flatman; 4531 Pte James McGinley; 6055 Pte Leonard Crawford.
Tier 6
6684 Spr Clarence Stanley Towner; 2024 Gnr John Alban Devitt; 3877 Pte Lancelot John Rayner; 56 Dvr William Henry Smith; 14 Pte Donald Gordon MacLeod; Staff Nurse Edith Blake, Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service, British Army, drowned at sea 26 February 1918; 3438 Spr Hugh Alexander Nugent; 3226 Pte Godfrey John Pollock; 31831 Gnr Charles Frederick Milton; 3115, Cpl William McKinlay; 662 Pte Ernest George Peatfield.
Tier 7
209/1214 Pte Victor Herbert Mercer, 4th Battalion, died at Bowral Hospital 29 February 1916; 66334 Cpl Clarence Valentine Forsyth; 6570 Pte Leslie Cornwall Sippel; 2642 Pte Norman Arthur Griffiths; 2898 Pte Henry George Griffiths; 4263 Pte Albert William Griffiths, 35th Battalion, died of wounds 11 April 1918; 166 Sgt Robert Henry Bulmer, 3rd Battalion, killed in action 16 July 1915; 2863 Pte Emanuel Bulmer; 2903 Pte Frederick George Seaton, 5th Pioneer Battalion, died of wounds 4 October 1917; 2666 Pte William James Hooper; 9902 Pte Percival Short.
Tier 8
2820 Pte Sydney Richard Birch; 855 Pte George William Flatman, 5th Machine Gun Company, killed in action 6 May 1916; G Norton; 20769 Spr Angus Stewart More; 6070 Pte John Lee; M J Harris; 1192/4041 Dvr William Foster 4th Field Company of Engineers, killed in action 21 October 1917. 3153 Lieutenant (Lt) Sydney Oliver Mitchell; 5669 Pte George William Campling; 10171 Dvr Herbert Horace Hempsted; 1713 Pte Edward James Allen.
Tier 9
6523 L Cpl Edward William Bulmer; 51005 Charles Henry Kemp; 1718 Cpl John Alfred Kelso, 17th Battalion, killed in action 20 September 1917; 2562 John Henry Frasa; 141 Cpl Edgar Irvine Lee; 29094 Gnr William John Holmes; 1912 Pte James Michael Scanlan;6354 Pte Frank Kenneth Swan; 953 Pte Horace Stott; 60108 Pte William Douglas Kerr; A Hansen.
Tier 10
4509 Cpl Edward George Scanlan; 3074 L Cpl John Victor Goodman; 4551 Pte Spencer Horace Thompson; Lt Albert Edward Campling, 20th Battalion, killed in action 14 June 1916; 11577 Gnr John Hurst; 3492 Pte Herbert Cropp; 6848 Pte Harry Smith Howes; 2835 Pte Robert Seaton; 10231 Pte Walter Edgerton Riddell; either 8416 Dvr Bevon William James Henderson or 703 Pte Cranstoun Hicks Beaven; 1928A Pte Arthur Desmond Kerr.
Tier 11
345 Pte Harry Ashton Mitchell; D Sutherland; 4550 Pte Reginald Thomson; W MacKenzie; 3155 Pte Harold John Keable; 3404 Cpl William Henry Penny; 2392 Sgt Percy James Chynoweth; 1817 Pte Russell Llewellyn Sands;either 8416 Dvr Bevon William James Henderson or 703 Pte Cranstoun Hicks Beaven; 3819 Cpl Alfred Henry Edwards; 53828 Pte Robert Melville West.
Tier 12
7274 L Cpl Henry Charles Middleton; 2948 Pte George Morris; Pte Evans; 1785 Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant Ernest Joseph Tidmarsh, 17th Battalion, died of disease 10 November 1918; 3126 Pte Stanley George Tidmarsh; 1988 Pte John Allen Bown; 1385 Pte Harry Edward Warren Bishop; 1547/85768 Pte Albert Samuel Bown; 1304 Pte William George Bown; 2445 Pte Henry Clive St John; 430 Regimental Sergeant Major Reuben Herbert Tidmarsh.
Tier 13
3053 Spr Leslie Moncrief Crawley; 9916 Gnr John Ambrose Harris, 1st Field Artillery Brigade, killed in action 8 October 1917; 3942 Pte Arthur James Taylor; 1316 Pte Stanley Porhan Taylor; 5489 Stoker Philip Cyril Taylor (RAN); 32120 Gnr Horace Mamwell 12th Field Artillery Brigade, killed in action 21 March 1918; 3005 Gnr John Aldred, 14th Field Artillery Brigade, died of wounds 24 April 1918; 4603 Spr James William Hutchison; 3714 Pte Horace George Wright; 3002 Dvr Frederick Aldred; 945 Cpl Kenneth Charles McLeod.