Chicom Type 43 Sub-machine Gun : Viet Cong

Place Asia: Vietnam, Phuoc Tuy Province
Accession Number RELAWM40072
Collection type Technology
Object type Firearm
Physical description Metal
Place made China
Date made 1954
Conflict Vietnam, 1962-1975

Chicom Type 43 sub-machine gun. Pressed metal receiver and drilled top barrel cover that folds down over the muzzle. Marked on the top of the action with three Chinese characters, 1954 and the serial number. It has a folding metal butt and black plastic pistol grips that have a K within a diamond on each side. There is a small damage mark on the barrel cover possibly made by a metal splinter or bullet.. The fixed sling swivels are welded to the left side. Complete with a detachable 32 round curved box magazine.

History / Summary

This weapon was captured by D Company, 2 Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (2RAR) during Operation Forrest in Phuoc Tuy Province on 21 December 1967. In an ambush position on Operation Forrest, 12 Platoon, D Company contacted six Viet Cong with a result of four VC killed in action. The contact occurred at 1030 hours and lasted for 20 minutes. A heavy blood trail was followed by trackers who were called in to assist but they lost the tracks in the swamp. The Chinese Type 43 is a copy of the Soviet PPS 43 sub-machine gun.