RPG-2 Rocket Grenade (Inert) Chicom Type 50: North Vietnamese Forces

Place Asia: Vietnam, South Vietnam
Accession Number RELAWM40960
Collection type Technology
Object type Grenade
Physical description Metal
Place made China: People's Republic of China
Date made c 1964
Conflict Vietnam, 1962-1975

RPG 2 (CHICOM Type 50) rocket assisted, fin stabilised, shaped charge high explosive antitank (HEAT) round that is muzzle loaded and percussion fired. The projectile is made from light gauge sheet steel and has a conical shaped warhead. A rocket motor tube is attached to the warhead and the there are six slef extracting fins attached to the tube for spin stabilisation. The greande is painted light gloss olive drab. The projectile is inert. Markings - 40 - 2 (CHINESE CYPHERS); 24-64-22.

History / Summary

RPG 2 (CHICOM Type 50) rocket propelled projectile employed by North Vietnamese forces during the Vietnam conflict. This one was captured by South Vietnamese forces