Canon de 75 mm Modele 1897, case for optical sight and quadrant

Accession Number REL49020
Collection type Technology
Object type Artillery Accessory
Maker Sears Saddlery Co
Sears Saddlery Co
Place made United States of America
Date made pre 1918
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Hard Leather rectangular optical sight and quadrant case designed to mount on the splinter-proof shield of a French Canon de 75 Modèle 1897 field gun. The case is 340mm long x 260 mm wide and 55mm deep. It is formed from hard brown leather, stitched together, with a large flap cover, secured by a strap which runs horizontally around the body of the case. The interior of the case has wooden fittings which formerly secured the optics and the quadrant. These fittings are secured to the case with copper rivets and screws.

History / Summary

In common with all artillery pieces, the Canon de 75mm Modele 1897 required highly precise instruments to ensure the weapon was correctly ranged on its target. When the weapon was being transported or stored, these instruments were removed from the gun, and housed in this case. This example was fabricated in the USA, whose Expeditionary Force employed over 1900 French 75mm guns. Captain (and future U.S. President) Harry S. Truman commanded a battery of French 75's in France, where he reputedly encountered Australian troops.

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