Jones, Laurie Raymond (Flight Lieutenant, b.1922 – d.2014)

Accession Number PR06278
Collection type Private Record
Record type Collection
Measurement Extent: 4 cm; Wallet/s: 2
Object type Log book, Notebook
Maker Jones, Laurie Raymond
Place made Australia
Date made 1942-1943; 1959
Access Open
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945

Collection relating to the Second World War service of 421224 Flight Lieutenant Laurie Raymond Jones, 160 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force, Australia, Bahamas, 1942-43, 1959.

Wallet 1 of 2 – Consists of one notebook, one Royal Canadian Air Force Sight Log Book and one Royal Canadian Air Force Notebook, dated 1942 to 1943. This wallet contains:

1x Notebook, dated 2 February 1942 to 11 May 1942. This notebook contains training notes hand-written by Flight Lieutenant Jones during his flight training in Course 24E, No 2 Initial Training School at Bradfield Park, New South Wales. Flight training includes electrical science, Morse code, aircraft recognition, mathematics, law, anti-gas, physical training and navigation. This notebook also includes an illustration of ‘pattern of lockers’, a school daily timetable and notes on engines.
1x Royal Canadian Air Force Notebook, dated 30 June 1943. This notebook contains hand-written training notes by Flight Lieutenant Jones on flight operations, petrol systems, engine procedures, target types and Morse code. Within these notes are illustrations of associated electrical systems.
1x Royal Canadian Air Force Sight Log Book, dated 24 February 1943 to 14 August 1943. This log book contains entries detailing Flight Lieutenant Jones’ flight training with the 111 Operational Training Unit in Nassau, Bahamas.

Wallet 2 of 2 – Consists of two folders containing material relating to Flight Lieutenant Jones, dated 1959.

Folder 1 of 2 contains a collection of hand-written notes, [undated]. These training notes contain information on naval vessels, aerial photography, coding and cyphers, compasses and navigation, maps and charts, meteorology, signalling, planets and solar systems, patrols, training routes and a list of definitions. Within these notes are illustrations, two aerial maps containing meteorological observations [unknown location], one chart of standard carbon air temperatures, lists of numbers and one guide to a Type 35 camera control unit.

Folder 2 of 2 contains one flight log book, dated 7 February 1959 to 25 July 1959. This log book contains information regarding the aeroplane types, routes, time and mileage of recorded flights by Flight Lieutenant Jones in India, Malaysia, Europe and Lebanon.

History / Summary

Flight Lieutenant Laurie Raymond Jones enlisted to the Royal Australian Air Force on 31 January 1942, after previously serving with the Citizens Military Forces. He trained as a pilot in Canada as part of the Empire Air Training Scheme, and went on to serve in the Caribbean. Flight Lieutenant Jones later transferred to 160 Squadron and served in India and Ceylon. On 30 October 1945, he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for completion of an outstanding tour of operational missions. Flight Lieutenant Jones was discharged on 2 January 1946.