Cusack, Roderick Douglas Clive (Warrant Officer (Class I), b.1921)

Accession Number AWM2016.476.3
Collection type Private Record
Record type Collection
Measurement Extent: 3.5 cm; Wallet/s: 2; Oversize: 1
Object type Letter, Document, Map, Notebook, Poem
Maker Cusack, Roderick Douglas Clive
Place made Australia, Borneo, Netherlands East Indies
Date made 1940-1948
Access Open
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945
Copying Provisions Copyright expired. Copying permitted subject to physical condition. Permission for reproduction not required.

Collection relating to the Second World War service of QX35742 (Q302617) Warrant Officer (Class I) Roderick Douglas Clive Cusack, Z Special Force, Australia, Borneo and Indonesia, 1940-1946. W/O Cusack took part in Operation Semut which was carried out by the Australian Army's Services Reconnaissance Department (SRD) Z Special Unit during the Second World War as part of the Australian Borneo Campaign. The operation, commanded by Major Tom Harrisson VB300861, focused on the objectives of collecting and reporting intelligence and organising, training and arming local inhabitants into resistance groups to wage guerrilla warfare.

Wallet 1:
- One newspaper cutting entitled ‘Keeping in Trim’ with a picture of gymnastics from AIF Physical Training School, Woolloongabba.
- One soldier’s pay book with W/O Cusack’s particulars written on the cover, for the period from, 24 June 1940 to 28 January 1943.
- One green fabric-covered, 11 page, translation book translating English to Kayan, Kenyah, and Kalabit languages.
- Eight RAAF sick parade cards for members of Z Special Force including QX48327 L/Sgt HR Hurst, NX115263 Sgt KH Bell, NX129792 Sgt DH Bower, SX18853 Sgt J Tredrea, QX35742 W/O(I) RD Cusack, NX69881 Cpl GR Alexander, QX 19782 Bdr JK Barrie, and SX3396 W/O(II) DL Horsnell.
- One list of equipment and text written in Malay.
- One packing list entitled ‘Mugger 3rd Phase’, included in the list is one folboat unit.
- One 7 page report on Loembis Sector dated 8 August 1945 including state of the enemy, means available to soldiers, coding information, and orders on how to deal with Japanese.
- Five memos dating from 11-14 September 1945 originally from ‘A1’ (codename for Major Tom Harrisson), but signed by Sgt Dawson (likely VX89338 Sgt RO Dawson) advising on a plane drop that missed its target, an order for 'C3' to not provoke the enemy, a letter saying that Semut 1 men are now under control of 9 Division, and that Dawson is trying to get the men post-war administration jobs if possible, and a note advising a visit of tuan besar (a European boss).
- Four documents likely signed by F/Lt P Bartram (RAAF) dated between 18 and 23 September 1945. Documents relate to the dropping of supplies, Japanese activities, and the completion of their task. Includes one written to W/O Cusack using his codename ‘C3’. Plus One letter from Col Courtney announcing that he is handing over control of ‘A’ Group to Major Jinkins.
- Nine letters and documents written in Malay, and one acrostic poem.
- One letter dated 5 May 1945 advising Mrs Cusack that her husband is ‘fit and well’.

Wallet 2:
- One green and white ledger book containing Malay phrases; short, sporadic diary entries; a list of local Indonesian names, arms issued to them, and villages that they come from; a list animals with prices and names; and a list of names and addresses of nine Americans.

Oversize wallet:
- One hand-drawn map of Kuala Berang area, with names and guide in Malay.
- One 1923 Dutch map of Dutch Timor, scale 1:100 000, with legend in Dutch with English translation.
- One topographical map of area in northern part of North Kalimantan province in Indonesia, on cloth backing, with pencil coloured areas.
- One large sketch map of the area around the Katibas and Rajang rivers in Sarawak, showing villages, government and mission posts, trails with passes over prominent ridges, rivers, rapids and waterfalls, and navigable limits. Scale 1:200 000. Includes extensive notes, on trail and terrain conditions and tribal areas, made on journeys in the area 1939/40. Based on a 1934/36 map by the Dutch East Indies Forestry Dept.