[Soviet military forces]

Accession Number F03603
Collection type Film
Measurement 19 min
Object type Documentary
Physical description 16mm/Colour/sound
Place made Russia
Date made 1960s-1970s
Conflict Period 1970-1979
Period 1960-1969

Item copyright: External copyright


This item consists of two separate films with the first film most likely produced in the 1970s and the second in the 1960s. Shows, Army, Airborne, Frontal Aviation and Marine forces of the Soviet Union on large scale manoeuvres and their various military hardware in action, including a tank transported by a hovercraft and a tank driving underwater. Equipments shown include: T-55 and T-62 main battle tanks, BMP-1 infantry combat vehicles, BTR-60 armoured personnel carriers, BMD airborne combat vehicle, ASU-85 air portable self propelled gun, D-30 122 mm howitzer, 100mm anti-tank gun, FROG and SCUD surface to surface rockets, multiple rocket launchers, SA-7 hand held surface to air missile. Aircraft shown include: Mig-21, Mig-23, Sukhoi Su-7 and Su-24, Yak-28P, An-12, An-22, Il-76 and Mil-1, Mil-4, Mil-6, Mil-8 and Mil-24 helicopters. Naval hovercraft of the Og, Aist and Gus Class. [Extract from an uncompleted Australian Army training film titled 'Foreign equipments'. Original titles unknown and films incomplete.]