Schusstafel fur Wurfgranate 15 (Baseplate for Grenade Launcher 1915)

Accession Number RELAWM01834
Collection type Technology
Object type Grenade launcher
Maker Firma Alfred Wolff, Berlin
Rheinischen Metallwaren und Maschinenfabrik, Dusseldorf
Place made Germany, Germany: Berlin
Date made c 1915
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Model 1915 grenade launcher baseplate made from steel. The baseplate features a locking handle for the spigot mortar, a carry handle and an aluminium range scale plate. Markings - range scale figures.

History / Summary

Baseplate for the 1915 Model grenade launcher used by the German Army during the First World War. The baseplate was found at La Flaque by Private Thwaites, 23 Battalion.