Sword Bayonet, Pattern 1907, Mark I. with Scabbard Mark II.

Place Europe: United Kingdom, England
Accession Number REL/16479
Collection type Technology
Object type Edged weapon or club
Physical description Steel, Wood
Maker Birmingham Small Arms and Metal Co Ltd
Place made United Kingdom: England
Date made 1920
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945

Bayonet with long, narrow fullers on each side of blade. The bayonet has as a lion's head stamped on the ricasso. Ring and mortise slot with locking bolt secures the bayonet to the rifle nosecap. The wooden grips are secured by two screws while the press stud for the locking bolt is situated on the left side of the beak shaped pommel. It is complete with a steel scabbard.

History / Summary

The Pattern 1907 sword bayonet was made for use with the Lee Enfield .303 rifle. The introduction of the Pattern 1907 bayonet was approved on 30 January 1908. The inspiration for the bayonet came from the 1906/07 Trials Japanese Pattern Type 30 Arisaka bayonet. All bayonets manufactured up to 1913 featured a hooked quillon. On 29 October 1913 approval was granted to remove the hooked quillon from the crosspiece and resulted in a new pattern of the 1907 Sword bayonet being sealed. There was no advance in the mark number for the new look bayonet and many of the earlier models had their hooked quillons removed during repair. Overall more than 5 million Pattern 07 sword bayonets were produced by manufacturers in England, Australia, India and the USA and issued to Australian, British and Commonwealth forces during the First and Second World Wars.

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