British Pattern 1822 Cavalry Sword and Scabbard : Sergeant A. J. Watts, Victorian Mounted Rifles

Accession Number REL/09366
Collection type Technology
Object type Edged weapon or club
Place made United Kingdom: England
Date made c 1870
Conflict Australian Colonial Forces, 1854-1900

Pattern 1822 Cavalry sword and scabbard. Steel three bar hilt and back strap with a brass wire bound fishskin grip. A white leather sword knot is attached to the guard. The slightly curved blade has a single fuller to each side to within ten inches of the spear point. The ricasso has a brass disc stamped APPROVED on the right side and the back edge is stamped LONDON. The scabbard is sheet steel with two loose rings located at two inches and ten inches respectively from the throat.

History / Summary

This sword is an 1822 Officer's Pattern sword but the blade has been polished and no etched design remains. It was carried by Sergeant A Watts of the Victorian Mounted Rifles.