Chinese Sword and Scabbard : Boxer Rebellion

Place Asia: China
Accession Number REL/01254A
Collection type Technology
Object type Edged weapon or club
Place made China
Date made c 1900
Conflict China, 1900-1901 (Boxer Uprising)

Chinese sword and scabbard. The hilt has an oval iron guard with a reinforced downward rim, iron collar and round pommel. The grips are two piece plain wood with a hole 25 mm down from the pommel and bound with black cotton cord. The broad, slightly curved blade has a single thin fuller on each side near the back edge to within 130 mm from the hatchet point and is crudely engraved 98 on the left side near the guard. The scabbard is wood covered in black fishskin. This is mounted with an iron shoe chape, locket and has two iron central bands connected by a back bar that has slots near the bands for hanger straps. All metal mounting parts are rusty and were originally painted black.

History / Summary

This sword was collected by Samuel Patterson, an Australian who served in the Boxer Rebellion, 1900.

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