Model 1917 Enfield Rifle

Accession Number REL/05764
Collection type Technology
Object type Firearm
Physical description Brass, Leather, Metal, Wood
Place made United States of America
Date made 1918
Conflict Korea, 1950-1953
Second World War, 1939-1945
Vietnam, 1962-1975
First World War, 1914-1918

Model 1917 Enfield bolt action rifle. Receiver stamped U.S. MODEL OF 1917 WINCHESTER and the serial number. Barrel stamped near the muzzle 3-18. Bolt marked W and NS. Full wood stock with a top hand guard. Complete with a three piece leather sling that has brass claw adjuster clips.

History / Summary

This type of rifle was issued to American Expeditionary Force (AEF) troops during the First World War and was developed from the British designed Pattern 14 (P14).

The Model 1917 rifle was based on the redesign of the British designed P14 rifle to take American rimless cartridges. Often known as the 'American Enfield' or simply 'M17' these rifles were issued to US forces in 1917 and served for the remainder of the First World War.

Contrary to popular belief the M1903 Springfield rifle was not the most common rifle used by the AEF during the First World War, this rifle known formally as the 'United States Rifle, Cal .30, Model of 1917' was.

During the Second World War thousands of these rifles were given by the United States to Nationalist Chinese forces to fight the Japanese in China. After the Second World War many of these were found in the hands of North Korean and North Vietnamese troops in the Korean and Vietnam war respectively where Australian troops encountered them.

Large numbers were supplied to Britain and issued to the Home Guard during the Second World War.