Lee-Metford Mk I* Rifle : 5th Battalion Essex Regiment, British Army

Place Europe: United Kingdom, England
Accession Number REL/16984
Collection type Technology
Object type Firearm
Place made United Kingdom: England
Date made 1890
Conflict Period 1910-1919

Lee-Metford Mk I Rifle. Action marked Crown over VR over ENFIELD 1890 I*. Butt stamped with Enfield Armoury roundel over I* over AT and MT crossed out. Butt disc stamped 1.11 and 5.EX 12. Barrel stamped DP on the knox form. It is complete with all parts.

History / Summary

Lee-Metford rifles were downgraded during the Boer War and the markings on this rifle indicate that it was issued to the 5th Battalion, Essex Regiment in 1912. The MT stands for Morris Tube and AT is Aiming Tube so the rifle was used for training purposes.

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